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  1. Anyone applying to FU Berlin?

    @KLamb8 I am doing most of it once I get there. I have a place set up for the first few weeks. Which will give me a chance to look for a place and get everything sorted out. I actually leave tomorrow! Hopefully, you get good news!
  2. Hello, CakeTea as always has the best answer. I have been using to look for funding. I am also planning to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium but I saw that FU Berlin is giving 24 out this take so it looks slim. I plan to just apply around, the political parties offer some. The DAAD scholarships look awesome, but you can't apply til later in the year. I am in the same boat as you working a bunch to have enough money. I have an online job, so I plan to still work enough while in school to pay for my expenses. Let me know if you come up with anything.
  3. Anyone applying to FU Berlin?

    Yes, I officially heard back from the North American Studies program last week. Now I am scrambling to get together all the stuff I need to apply for enrollment and send it off as soon as possible since it will take awhile to get there from Canada. Each step feels like a mountain to climb. What is your top pick at this point? The FU program?
  4. Anyone applying to FU Berlin?

    Thanks for the reply! This is all really helpful information. I have visited both FU and Humboldt and thought it was interesting how different their vibes were. Guess based on last year's intake I am a sure fit
  5. Anyone applying to FU Berlin?

    That is awesome Katie! Let me know how it goes it sounds like you are more along than I am. Right now I am getting ready to mail my documents to Uni-Assist, and applying to Uni Bonn for American Studies too. Thank you this is the type of info I was hoping for! I have a good sense for U.S. schools, what is competitive and such, but this helps give me a better idea of German ones now too, which was what I was hoping for. I visited Berlin in December and liked it a lot. It was hard to get the full feel, since I happened to be there during a cold snap, but was still very nice. It seems like a great place to live where you can find whatever you need. Thanks for the advice!
  6. The application period opens today. I am planning to apply for North American Studies and potentially English Studies there. I just want to study literature, history, and critical theory. Does anyone have any experience with the process? It looks like GPA is all that matters, but I am nervous about actually getting accepted. Any clue what GPA you generally need to get in? I have a 3.6 from a University of California school. Anyone else planning on going to Berlin for school this October?
  7. Americans Abroad!

    Has anyone applied to an MA program in Germany as a US/Canadian? I am looking into the MA in English at FU Berlin, Humboldt, Heidelberg, or LMU (Munich). I sent them all messages about the application process but have gotten very little back. It seems almost too easy so I am a little freaked out. I have a BA in Literature.
  8. And suddenly, at 5:58am, after an hour train ride, the flag makes sense. #japan #osakajo…
  9. RT @NBCNews: White Americans are the biggest terror threat in U.S., study finds
  10. Columbia University, 2014

    I am trying to figure out a similar thing. However, my masters is not even terminal. Mine would be in Modern European Studies and I would want to go on and pursue a Ph.D. afterward and I am wondering if it is worthwhile or if I should just wait it out and apply somewhere next year. For me the costs would be a little less but still probably close to 75k. I just dont know if its doable or worth it. Hope you get it figured out
  11. Hi All, Wondering if anyone knows anything about this program or if they have attended it. I am looking to eventually get a Ph.D and assume it would help boost my application for that as I did not get into any Ph.D programs this year. What I am wondering is how much interaction and attention can you get from professors? What is the overall impression of the program within the school itself? The program offers very little funding - though some - and I would have to find a lot of external awards and work part-time still to get everything in order. I just do not want to take on more debt if it will not be for anything that will help me down the road. I am looking to hopefully get a Ph.D in either history or an interdisciplinary field that emphasizes literature, history, and anthropology. Obviously, I would like to not pay for graduate school but it seems like it could be a big help.