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  1. @kendalldinniene Like @jadeisokay I read a good chunk before I had to move and return it to the library. I dug it though because I had always wanted to write a book that is essentially just quotations, which I felt it was doing. I didn't finish it though before leaving so can't say it compelled me. On reading for fun: Anyone read Normal People? I know it's like the IT book of the literary world with a bunch of boomers saying how Sally Rooney is the first great millennial author which seems dismissive of a lot of great young authors, but I was fucking blown away because it was so simple. I
  2. If the people you want to work with are at top-tier schools I would just make sure your writing sample speaks to their work. Also in your SOP make sure you have clear goals. Don't worry so much about the gap in time, I do not think it is looked at as a huge deal. A lot of people I know have taken long breaks and now it seems to even be suggested to make sure academia is what you want to do. For the MA, I would recommend finding a good funded MA in the US that you can make good connections at so you have strong letters. "Name" does not matter much from what I understand for MA, but
  3. I am officially joining the UC train again. Going to UCSC
  4. Who was the correct person to email? I emailed Alberta for feedback and it was nice to hear something direct about my application. I know I am going to UCSC at this point, but it's hard to pass up a chance to hear why I was rejected somewhere. Am I a masochist?
  5. I'll throw my 2 cents in too. Go to Duquesne. I did a free but no stipend MA in Berlin, it was great. But I'm exhausted, being able to not work would have been a dream. Prestige doesn't really matter for MA. Just the work and that is going on to be better if you focus on it. Also, as someone who knows about English/lit/comp grad rankings but not a lot about school rankings for undergraduate I can honestly say I had never even heard of Wake Forest until the scandal broke over the last week. Maybe this is also being from the opposite coast. Maybe this is just my ignorance. Just saying that
  6. @hgtvdeathdrive Whoops sorry wrote that at 3am when I was up coughing. Yea that is what it means. From what I was told, yes it seems like they will be following up on those.
  7. @Bopie5 "We are waiting for the program director to approve all admission decisions in our application system which will then transmit an official letter from Graduate Studies. I just found out she will start doing so today. " - from Davis The person also let me know didn't get in but honestly so much better to have a clean rejection at this stage.
  8. @swarthmawr @effietheant I have followed suit and emailed the three I am still waiting on. I am with you and would just love any response so I can start planning the move.
  9. I guess I should do this with the ones I am waiting on... Having a response would be great. I am with you @effietheant I do start to have some annoyance that they cannot just let me know I am waitlisted or rejected outright.
  10. Make sure you want to commit. Also maybe look into programs that specifically have creative components or an emphasis in writing (there are a few, UCSC for one). On the Ivy note, sure it's definitely possible, everything is about fit and having the basic grades, letters, SoP, and writing sample there isn't anything specifically that excludes you. I would say though, that in my searching, none of the Ivy schools are good fits for ecocrit people. Maybe finding a Conrad or McCarty person though that will then allow you to do ecocrit work on those authors is the best way to pitch yourself an
  11. Yea I am wondering the same thing about Davis. However, my guess is like Santa Cruz they have an invisible waitlist. I kinda wish they could cut them off though and send out the absolute rejections. Same with UIUC! Same with UBC, apparently they've sent out acceptances, but no one on gradcafe noted one and now they're holding out the rejections. Either way I cannot accept the UCSC offer in my portal yet so I guess I have to wait either way.
  12. I just want to raise the chorus's volume with me loud voice, I would suggest you do not go. The "prestige" is what makes people consider them, but it's also exposes how much of a lie they are in general. What makes a school prestigious? Will you have access to any of that? Is accessing it within a year even possible? Is it worth a lifetime of debt? My story is that when I first applied to graduate school I got these same offers from Columbia and NYU who have similar cash cow programs. I think it is telling that these all tend to be at private schools with big names, in first class cities
  13. I finally had the call with UCSC and am so happy to say I've been accepted!! I should have known with the email saying they wanted to talk, but with how the season has gone I had so much doubt. I am ecstatic!
  14. Hi all. Tomorrow I'm talking with a PoI who says he has good news on my app. Is there anything I should be prepared for on the call or I should definitely bring up? I've seen the campus visit Q&A but not sure of the etiquette here. I have a good idea of how I'll handle it all already, but some advice would be awesome.
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