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  1. mandelbulb

    2019 Applicants

    i finally put down a security deposit in a place in san diego. i'm glad all of us are checking our boxes one by one!
  2. mandelbulb

    Undergrad vs Masters LORs

    i agree with both of the above. you might think about just using all the LORs at your disposal. since we've had a few discussions here about how the writing style of UK LORs can seem less unenthusiastic than the style in the US, i think i'd advise you to submit 3 letters from your undergrad institution and 1 letter from your UK institution (your thesis advisor, preferably).
  3. tbh, i think ranking should only matter in in the sense that the more well-known or well-regarded a program could help in the indefinite future, but there's really no absolute knowing and you can't really control that. apply to the programs with professors whose research interests align the most with your research interests. if you get into more than one program, worry about rankings then. so tl;dr fit > ranking always
  4. mandelbulb

    2020 Applicants

    hey y'all. just want to pop by and offer myself up for anyone with questions about 1) applying during the last year of your MA, 2) applying after your MA, 3) applying again after being rejected the first time, 4) applying to MAs after being out of school for 5+ years/being older and applying, or 4) UCSD! if your research interests overlap with mine at all, i may have time to take a look at your SOP just DM. otherwise, i'll be lurking in case there's any question i can help answer.
  5. mandelbulb

    2019 Applicants

    seems like i'll be taking: the biopolitical enlightenment, carribean poetics, and literary scholarship (the first of a set of required course). i'm pretty excited and terrified, though probably (absolutely) more terrified than excited lol
  6. mandelbulb

    Prepping for Fall 2019

    i'm not doing anything specific, but i have a lot of things planned! going to a science fiction writing conference in may, then a science fiction research conference in june. a trip to europe in july, as well as possibly opening a speculative fiction short story/poetry magazine. i haven't really talked with the person i hope will be my adviser, as she has seemed incredibly busy with personal projects, but i plan to take a class with her my first year and foster our working relationship when i'm on campus i guess, more or less, i'm just continuing on with my life as it is and trying not to stress out over moving.
  7. mandelbulb

    2019 Applicants

    one thing to note--i applied to berkeley's film PhD and didn't get a rejection, and when i reached out, they said they'd sent notifications. i reiterated i hadn't received anything, not even in my portal, and so she did some investigating and found out there'd been a glitch that'd affected not only me but a few other students. the hold up on the notifications could have nothing to do with the program itself and everything to do with the grad school. just something to keep in mind!
  8. or you could apply to one or two more schools and increase your chance of being accepted somewhere.
  9. mandelbulb

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    i bet your sincerity definitely came through! get some bubbles in there and maybe a glass of wine...
  10. you really think it's worth it to pay $160 for a two point increase? wow lol
  11. mandelbulb

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    wow you called? you're so brave...
  12. the score is fine, but if they didn’t ask for it, i’m not sure what you expect them to do with it? and it’s totally appropriate to check in again. reiterate your interest in the program and ask if there is any update. if there’s not, that’s ok, but just reaching out to touch base shows how interested in the program you are. good luck!
  13. this is easy: nope, don’t retake. your grades in your MA show you’re ready for graduate level work. what will higher scores tell them that your writing sample, sop, lors, and grades don’t already?
  14. i graduated in 2011 with a BA in psychology and took a research assistant position in the psychology department of a local university. i applied to english MA programs in 2016. i graduated in 2018. i never felt ever disadvantaged by this time off. if you want more specifics, i'm happy to talk about it in PM

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