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  1. northwestnative

    2019 Acceptances

    I am too, Figures; my email said specifics would arrive soon, if that helps.
  2. Howdy, helpful folks. A pretty niche question that I thought someone might have a clever response to: I'm on a panel at ALA in Boston this May, but my adjunct work will already be over, and I won't start a PhD program until August. Anyone know about any lit- or adjunct-specific grants or opportunities that might be able to help me fly across the country? You all are stellar. Many thanks!
  3. northwestnative

    2019 Acceptances

    Indeed! See you there!
  4. northwestnative

    2019 Acceptances

    Geez—I just got into Berkeley. Did not think that would happen. What even.
  5. northwestnative

    2019 Acceptances

    Also waitlisted at Stanford!
  6. northwestnative

    UT Austin Acceptances

    Hi, all! Another UTA admit here: literature and religion, postsecular studies, aesthetics and ethics. Looking forward to meeting everyone who flies out for the visitation day!
  7. northwestnative

    The Book You Haven't Read

    Only read one Faulkner, Light in August, and, well, meh? Never did Frankenstein or Wuthering Heights. Never read Paradise Lost or Chaucer.
  8. Same here—I was waitlisted and admitted a few weeks later.
  9. northwestnative

    2019 Applicants

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for looking that up.
  10. northwestnative

    2019 Applicants

    At Oregon State, at least, our stipends were distributed monthly and were already taxed as normal working income.
  11. northwestnative

    Duke English PhD F19 Interview/Rejection

    Got an email to check site, said a decision was made. My site's link is gray, says "Decision Not Ready." Waitlist? Glitch? EDIT: lol no it's a rejection
  12. northwestnative

    2019 Acceptances

    Also in at UT Austin. Congrats, everyone!
  13. northwestnative

    2019 Applicants

    Me!! I'm totally down. I dig it.
  14. northwestnative

    2019 Applicants

    Just jumping into a conversation again—glad to see some happy conversation going on about DFW. Some of my research is on Wallace and religion, and I do some work for the DFW society. Personally, I think IJ is way more readable than the novels it's often listed with: Gravity's Rainbow and The Recognitions and Jerusalem and the like. But I think that his best writing is, as you say, in BI, plus Oblivion.
  15. northwestnative

    2019 Applicants

    Totally jumping into this conversation late, but I'm really digging everyone's tastes in music. @flungoutofspace, I just started listening to St. Vincent, and I'm into it. I only know Anna Calvi through her bit on a Noah and the Whale track, but I should go check out her solo stuff. Anyone ever listen to Bad Bad Hats? Their new album that came out in 2018 is fantastic.

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