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  1. Will mention again, since Berkeley’s cancelled our visit weekend, I’m happy to answer questions.
  2. Congrats to the Berkeley admits! I’m happy to answer any questions about the department: don’t hesitate to reach out.
  3. Hi, all—jumping in here to offer best wishes, solidarity, and good luck as deadline season and ends-of-terms arrive. Be kind to yourselves!
  4. Hi! Feel free to drop me a message if you like: I spent a year teaching a few CCs between my MA and PhD, and I'd be happy to share whatever experiences and stories might be useful!
  5. Given what I've seen and what I've been told by professors and other students, not nearly as much as you might fear. My understanding is that the most advantageous thing about degrees from significant schools is that your letter writers might carry some name recognition. Of course, a top-tier R1 or Ivy/Ivy-adjacent won't hurt. For what it's worth, my BA is from a tiny, tiny PLBC and my MA is from a good, funded program but not a school with particular renown. It shouldn't, by any means, stop you from applying to certain places.
  6. So the big caveat here is that, as others have said, the WS and SoP and letters are far, far more important. That said, here are my thoughts on the subject test: I studied for the subject test for a couple of weeks—it's really a question of memorization and study technique more than anything else. My advice is to use a guide (which, yeah, are usurious and cruel cash cows) and, unless you specialize in the 14th-18th centuries, spend plenty of time there. A plurality of my questions asked me to identify particular poets and styles of poetry, especially British, especially pre-1800. They like to return to their favorites: Donne, Marvell, Thomas Gray, Pope, Dryden. Best of luck!
  7. Can second this, although mandelbulb's advice will probably be better than mine. Any questions about the application process, applying from an MA, applying after a year off, and American lit/pomo/religion stuff, please feel free to reach out!
  8. Was writing email to withdraw from Stanford's waitlist when I received an email offering me a spot. Be on the watch, Stanford waitlist people.
  9. Declined UT Austin today—hope it opens something up for someone!
  10. If it helps: yes. I received my acceptance email a few weeks ago, and my portal updated a week or so ago.
  11. Am I having some sort of moment, or have all the UC schools vanished from the sheet?
  12. I feel this. As a deeply anxious person, talking about myself and my success is terribly awkward, so I've downplayed and dismissed the well-wishes of friends and family, but then I feel bad about doing so. I guess I'm still sort of numb: I wasn't expecting anything at all, and now suddenly it's all here. I guess my celebration has been . . . grading more essays? Ha! You all, by the way, are great! Well done to everyone!
  13. I did a fully funded MA at Oregon State—if you can swing a similar program, I recommend it. I grew considerably as a scholar at OSU; I wasn't ready for PhD work then, but I feel much better now. I'd avoid loans if at all possible. Having escaped undergrad at a private, lib-arts college with below-average debt, I can't imagine taking on much more. Just my opinion, though.
  14. Last year, for what it's worth, I was sent an email informing me I was on UVA's waitlist, and my portal did not update until April with the final rejection.
  15. I was a shutout last year—didn't make it off of either waitlist. I had finished my MA, so I've spent the year adjuncting. I stayed in close contact with my MA advisor and letter-writers, and I attended another conference and added a couple more reviews to my publications. As others have said, spending a year revising SoPs and writing samples is so helpful: my first-cycle SoP was cringeworthy, but this year's was, I think, far better. I also expanded my apps a little, from four to six, and did more background work: emailing PoIs, reading their work. As @kendalldinniene astutely said, find a community. Share letters and writing and anxieties. And keep your head up! It gets easier the second time around!
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