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  1. Did anyone else receive an email from UW late last night about filling out a required sexual misconduct declaration? The email says that it does not predict future admissions decisions, but I did not receive one last year and I remember others on this forum had discussed receiving this email. They could also very well just be requiring all applicants to fill out the form this year!
  2. This is so helpful to hear! I feel this disconnect as well. Did you recently complete your MA? And were you able to complete it while also teaching? I thought going straight for the PhD would be the best route for me, but now I'm considering other options.
  3. It feels so good to hear about everyone who has gotten in, especially people who have stuck it out for multiple cycles! I am so happy for you all. Does anyone have experience going from teaching middle school/high school after undergrad and then straight to a PhD program without doing a Masters? If so, I'd really appreciate any advice!
  4. UofW is really the last school I am holding out hope for. Did anyone who applied for the Language & Rhetoric track recieve an email about being in the top 15% of applicants?
  5. @mirror_ would you mind sharing which UW track you applied to?
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. Did anyone who applied for the Language & Rhetoric track get a similar email?
  7. Or conversely, if we did select that we are interested in the teaching fellowship and did not recieve the form, then we probably did not get in. 😔
  8. Based on previous years, it looks like interviews are offered over the course of several days.
  9. Does anyone know if UC Irvine interviews everyone who is potentially accepted? Or are some candidates accepted without an interview? I've seen very few of the interview posts on the results board each year.
  10. I've noticed that most of the schools that have released results had late November through early December deadlines. Does anyone think that December 15th deadline schools will release results this week? This is my first cycle, so much of this process is new to me!
  11. Does anyone have this same feeling, that the pool will be more competitive than normal? I've been concerned about this as well.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new here! This is my first round of applications so I am nervous and of course so uncertain about what this cycle could bring. I'm interested in law & literature and critical theory. Most of the programs I applied for offer a critical theory emphasis (UCI, Davis, and Berkeley). I am a 7th grade teacher so I spent my winter break finalizing applications, and now I'm trying to shift all of my focus to teaching before admission results come out. Good luck to everyone!
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