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  1. I was similarly stressed out about my 4 AW score (and much lower Quant score), but I just started my first semester at Berkeley, so it can work out. Fit and the strength of your application as a whole are the important things. Good luck!
  2. Hi @shieldmaiden! I scored a 4 on the AW section of the GRE as well and was similarly concerned about how it would impact my chances. I ended up not retaking the test and was admitted to Berkeley, so if the other aspects of your application are strong a lower AW score doesn't seem to be the end of the world (at least in my case). Best of luck on your applications!
  3. Duke: Feb 21-23 UC Boulder: Feb 28-March 1 University of Alabama: February 28-March 2 Washington University (WUSTL): February 28-March 2  Indiana University: March 1 U Wisconsin-Madison: March 3-5 Illinois (Urbana): March 4-5 Stanford: March 6-8 Northwestern: March 7-9 Saint Louis University: March 8 UC Santa Barbara: March 8 Florida State University: March 12 University of Minnesota: March 14-15 UC Santa Cruz: March 14 UC Berkeley: March 16-18 Kansas: March 17-19 Vanderbilt: March 21-22 Rice Unive
  4. Hi @FiguresIII, my email did have funding information included.
  5. Thanks @sugilite! It was a form email from the DGS, not a POI. Best of luck if you're still waiting to hear from them. I'm a medievalist, if that helps.
  6. Just accepted to Berkeley!!! I had completely written off Berkeley as an implied rejection, and was bracing myself for a shut out, so try to stay hopeful friends.
  7. Congratulations, @FiguresIII! Was it from a POI or does it seem like everyone who was accepted would have received the email?
  8. Ugh, waiting to hear from Berkeley, so of course a California telemarketer calls...
  9. Just saw the Stanford acceptance on the results board (congrats). Does anyone know if they notify in waves since they call? My application portal still just says submitted.
  10. Do you guys think we're likely to hear from Berkeley this week? Perhaps the next?
  11. I'm out of upvotes, but congrats to the Nebraska, UT, and Duke acceptances!
  12. Hi @Mumasatus, I'm currently finishing up a Master's of Library Science at the UIUC iSchool and would be happy to answer any questions you or your daughter might have about the program. Also, I scored a 4 on the AW section and have a truly awful Quant score and haven't found either to be an issue so far.
  13. I'm a Medievalist with a focus on book history/material studies!
  14. Hi all, I'm a bit (2 pages) over the writing sample limit for an application, but one of my professors suggested that I change the font size to TNR 11 instead of going with the usual 12-point font. I'm inclined to trust this professor's opinion (they recently graduated from where I'm applying to), but I don't want to raise any eyebrows with a smaller font size. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi, Unless it is specified that the page count includes citations, most of the schools I'm applying to only consider the actual essay when factoring the page count. So since your argument ends on page 23, you should be solid. Even if the page count does include citations, I doubt that sending in a ~27 page paper would be the end of the world, but perhaps someone else can give you a more concrete answer! Good luck!
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