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  1. Is it worth flying cross country to visit for one day? I would really like to see the school and meet with some professors, but I don't want to miss any more class ):
  2. No Problem! Same for me. It sounds amazing, so I'm trying to make sure it's not too good to be true haha
  3. Has anyone done this exchange? I'm really curious about it but can't seem to find as much info as I would like. How feasible is it? Can you do it more than once (it seems like you can)? Is it more difficult at some schools than at others? Does it change the conditions of your stipend? If anybody has any info on this, it would be much appreciated! Hope y'all are having a peaceful decision season (or at least as non-stressful as is possible lol)
  4. Stupid question: if a school asks for a "preferred itinerary" before booking a flight, what does that mean? I would assume it's the preferred dates/ times of travel, but I've already sent them that...?
  5. This is maybe too specific a situation, but were any of y'all moving away from home for the first time when you entered grad school? I've been lucky enough to attend an undergraduate institution that's not 5 miles from where I was raised. It's where all my family/friends live. I would really like to stay within the state, but, for various reasons, it's looking like that might be difficult. I guess I'm just worried that, if I move cross country, the homesickness (coupled with the stress of grad school) will bring on a meltdown. (Not to mention I'd be moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, and I hate the cold). Have any current grad students been in this situation? How did you cope?
  6. Is anybody else dreading this coming week? Yale is going to break my heart into a million tiny pieces (i came this close to blocking their emails so I wouldn't even have to confront the possibility of rejection lmao)
  7. Does anybody know if Columbia does a visiting weekend/ admitted students day? I couldn't find anything on their website
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