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  1. jillcicle

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    University Of Californa, Los Angeles (UCLA) Sociology, PhD (F19) Rejected via Website on 9 Feb 2019 ♦ A 9 Feb 2019 report spam Nothing like waking up to a rejection from your dream school right before getting your wisdom teeth out. Bring me all the PaAAaiiiNnN. Whoever did this I would like you to know I was shaking from opening my own UCLA rejection (that's how my body is coping with this, apparently, no tears but lots of shaking ?) and I saw this and burst into guffaws. Had to tell my mom I got another rejection so I could explain what was funny but the laugh was worth it.
  2. jillcicle

    You are GREAT!

    This is so nice thank you ?
  3. So anyone have any clue what the deal is with emailing programs after a rejection? Seems like they are sometimes willing to give you feedback (although I assume NOT Stanford since there was some bit about "cannot provide individualized responses" in the email) but I'm not sure how to go about getting this. Should I email immediately after the response? What's the protocol here?
  4. jillcicle

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    See I thought my weekend would be safe from status updates so I checked my email anxiety free, only to discover that UCLA sent out rejections at 2 something AM on Saturday. Wtf.
  5. Saaaaaame! I've been subbing this year during my year off after a Master's already and it's not bad. I mean, I'm SO poor but the work is satisfying and I can get by and have time for creative stuff/working on apps. That's the big problem, is I could only afford 7 apps this year and I don't see that changing drastically for next round unless I get a way better job.
  6. Oh my gosh this is EXACTLY what I've been trying to explain to people. Both rejections so far has just been this feeling of a gate slamming down between me and what was previously a potential reality. It's especially weird the longer you've wanted to go somewhere - Stanford's been my top choice since undergrad so that was a lot of potential reality I'd daydreamed about over 6 years being cut off. People keep asking if I'm sad and it's more a weird adjustment feeling. (Although today I am in a MOOD - ups and downs I suppose lol.)
  7. jillcicle

    2019 Applicants

    Honestly my GRE subject score is pretty great and no one seems to care. Esp. with already having a master's, my advisors have told me that GPA and writing sample will be the only things that hold much weight other than fit. They were basically like "ahh, that might be a nice little boost, but don't count on it to get you anywhere." And so many places now (like Stanford) are phasing out GRE consideration anyway. Here's hoping everyone finds a place with a solid fit!
  8. jillcicle

    2019 Applicants

    On one hand I feel you bc I keep dreading the mental burden of just weathering 5 more potential rejections, and I can't imagine more, but on the other hand it would have been nice if I could have afforded to broaden the net!
  9. *waves*. I do 12th/13th c., paleography and codicology, dig. hum. (Python corpus analysis), and medievalism studies. Been shifting gear to the latter two since my MA, so I just finished Medievalism: Key Critical Terms and can't recommend it enough. I am currently reading pulp fiction and hiding in bed from my crippling certainty I will be rejected from all the programs I applied to. ?
  10. jillcicle

    2019 Applicants

    Here to vent about UCLA rejection like many of the rest of you - tattoos sound like such a good form of therapy! I just went and ate too many apps at Denny's instead and like... not the best now I just feel gross in a different way. *shrug*
  11. jillcicle

    Oxford Bound?

    Definitely the best Thank you so much for the update! That's really heartening re: the Latin and the supportive faculty. I'm feeling more excited than ever to start now.
  12. YMMV, but what I found out was that my idea of a "good" GPA was higher than it needed to be. Full disclosure, I finished with a 3.86, so that might be a lot higher than you're talking about. (And I hope that doesn't sound braggy - I only had two years to muck it up during since I transferred from a CC.) Anyway, I was worried that I'd be competing exclusively with 3.9 and 4.0 students in the top programs, but my adviser told me that a 3.86 is actually quite good and she would consider anything over a 3.6 to be a mark in favor on an application. I think outside of the writing sample/grade balance, that publication is going to go a long way in making up for whatever your GPA might be. There's also the question of if you have an upward trend in GPA to offset a lower number, or if you end up with great GRE scores. Basically I wouldn't write off your application ability based on any one factor unless it's below an actual cutoff.
  13. jillcicle

    Oxford, UK

    Thanks for all the fantastic info! Someone else mentioned looking at the Summertown and Jericho neighborhoods for proximity to my college (Lady Margaret Hall). Could you tell me a little bit more about the rental timeline? For example, I know in my undergrad town here in the States you had to have your lease tied up by February to be able to move in in September. (Hopefully that's not the case or I'd have already missed the window.) How soon should I aim to be signing a place? What's the usual lease term? Month to month, year long, something in-between? Also, I noticed a lot of listings show the weekly cost not monthly cost - is rent still paid monthly? (Sorry if that's stupid.)
  14. jillcicle

    Oxford Bound?

    @dani8023 Hi, I stalked you here from the Oxford, UK thread and was excited to see you had a lot of similar concerns to me going into the MST at Oxford. Mine is medieval English, not history, but I am also looking to acquire Latin and prepare for PhD. Would you be willing to follow up? How's your Latin now? How are you feeling about PhD applications?
  15. Thanks so much! That's all very comforting and helpful information. I especially appreciate the neighborhood tips - I tried for university accommodation and was told demand has already exceeded availability. Also, I did my undergrad at UC Davis, known as the bike-iest college in the US, so that is something I should be able to handle easily

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