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  1. I will be starting at UB in the fall, and while I'm not in poetics, I would be happy to chat about why I chose the program and what I liked about the visit event. I think I faced a similar problem as I articulated my interest in poetics (Victorian and Modernist) in my SOP but was not gearing my app towards the poetics program. The general English PhD and the Poetics department are clearly extremely connected though, from what I could tell. I applied to UB as a Victorianist but was interested in Buffalo particularly because I want to branch out into Modernist poetics (and hopefully connect the two). From what they told me, this made me a very interesting and exciting candidate, so I think they're very welcome to people who already have an articulated interest that want to branch out into something else! EDIT: I also want to say that many in the Poetics department are also creative writers with MFA degrees, which I am not, so that was one of my reasons for not explicitly articulating interest in participating in the Poetics program. Obviously those students are still interested in and complete critical work, but it seemed like there MIGHT be an expectation for those in Poetics to be in those workshops??? I'm really not sure -- someone else could probably speak more to this, but that was my impression, and maybe something to consider.
  2. Catherine Labio at CU Boulder works on comics! We also have a great collection of visual art at the CU Art Museum and in the archives.
  3. Agree! I decided not to take a gap year and apply during my senior year of undergrad because I would have likely had to spend the year off in a very rural area where my family lives and there are few job opportunities. Moving somewhere to make the year worth my while certainly would have been too expensive, but if it had been possible, I probably would have considered it.
  4. Is anyone attending or presenting at INCS this weekend in Dallas?
  5. Villanova let me know like ~2 weeks after applying (late in the cycle) that I was accepted! I'm sure you'll hear soon!
  6. everyone chiming in is totally right, but i also want to say that it feels really bad to be a near shut-out and to then take any offer you do have and i really understand. i did that and it ended up being okay, as I did receive full funding, but it was a bad decision to accept an offer with only "potential" funding and a small scholarship. i also want to echo what other's have said in that a year for a master's is definitely not enough... if it's between a one-year program and a gap year, the gap year will be a much better way to prepare for your next application cycle. you obviously have great potential as an accepted student to MAPH, despite the potential problems of the program, and i'm sure that you will fair much better your next round. congratulations regardless, OP! you should be proud, especially as someone transitioning to the field, but ultimately i think you deserve better. there are other programs that would be thrilled to have you.
  7. @wildsurmise If you were accepted to the MA at CU Boulder and are considering their offer, feel free to PM me about it. I was accepted with a fellowship and "possible funding," and did end up attending because I secured funding through another department. I would be happy to talk about my experiences/what I know about funding for MAs in the department.
  8. Yeah I also have my MA and am thinking rejection! My first time around it took a long time to get an official rejection after they sent out acceptances ? good luck to you though!!!
  9. I haven’t heard anything yet. If you don’t already have an MA, they might be considering you for the MA program. Every year it seems like they extend that offer to some PhD applicants.
  10. In response to GRE scores, I do think mine have impacted the outcome of my application cycle, but I was still accepted at one of my top choices with a 158 verbal and rejected from programs that no longer require GRE scores, so I really don't know what to think about them. I am pleased with the outcome because I knew if I was shut out I would probably have to take it (yet again) for my next round.
  11. Anyone want to talk more about the CUNY rejections? My portal still doesn't have a decision listed.. probably soon though lol
  12. Not sure where/what programs you applied to this cycle, but definitely look into applying to MA programs along with PhDs your next time around. I was shut out from every PhD I applied to right out of undergrad but was accepted to a few MAs. Doing my MA first was definitely the best decision I could have made (even though I am leaving the program a bit disenchanted with it) -- I feel so much more prepared/excited/less nervous to begin my PhD in the fall. It also gives you a good opportunity to test the waters and take grad seminars, teach, write a thesis (which I did not do in undergrad), and present at conferences without the pressure of the PhD. Best of luck to you! I would be happy to chat about my MA experience if you want more info!
  13. I'm personally psyched to have been accepted at a 40s school, even after doing my MA at a higher ranked institution. It's a good fit for me and the support package is equal to many I've seen for higher ranked programs that have a higher cost of living in their location. There are a lot of factors -- for one it's a good fit, my SO also got in, and I think they are a great program for what I do specifically, so their ranking isn't too off-putting for me. I would be terrified to go through this process again after getting accepted somewhere that I am genuinely interested in, especially because I don't think I would ever get into a top 10 program for a couple of different reasons. That's just my opinion though -- most of my advisors really pushed for me to apply to top ten programs only, in both my undergrad and master's, simply because of the job market and the commitment.
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