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    Have a wide range of research interests, including the political economy of communications/media, political communication, public opinion, political information propagation.
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  1. It possibly would. Given that your potential adviser at A seems to be more well known in academia as well. I would lean toward A.
  2. I personally would choose Cornell over UT unless the program at UT is ranked much much higher than that of Cornell.
  3. Perhaps Columbia if it is a STEM program.
  4. Only the admissions committee would be able to give you an answer. I would suggest you wait patiently till the resolution day and see happens. Plus, do not get your hopes up. Usually the chances of getting off the waitlist are slim, to be frank. It also depends on your place on the waitlist. There should be counter-offers each year, but only those placed high on the waitlist would be the lucky ones. Just be prepared for the worst. 加油,祝好运。
  5. I would recommend quitting U of T and attending Oxford. Your research interests matter the most! Besides that, honestly, Oxford is better than U of T in general.
  6. I would personally choose an Ivy simply because of the social networks as invisible resources in my future academic career.
  7. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    Woooow! Congrats!
  8. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    ? totally understand!
  9. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    Got an email from UW-Madison saying that I was in and had to make my decision by May 1st. 99% sure that I am not going, 'cause really don't think I could survive winter in Madison. Good luck to those accepted.
  10. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

  11. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    Denied admission into Cornell. Unexpected. I thought I was a good fit for that program.
  12. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    The wait is just torturous... Hope your interview goes well.
  13. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    Any updates, guys?
  14. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    I might just give it a shot.
  15. Cago UChi

    2018 Applications Thread

    That depends on what division you want to submit your paper to.There are dozens of divisions, such as Critical and Cultural studies, Political Communication, Public relations ( Check out the link: NCA interest groups). You may contact the division coordinators for more information. Good luck!

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