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  1. NYU stats. Sports fan (basketball football) anyone?
  2. CUTC Never find a single alumni who attended this program. From what I heard, they seems to have only one or two students attend this program. Pro is Ivy League, NYU Professor are nice. Accessible and Approachable. Program leaning towards application of statistics , not too deep into theory. Internship build in. UNC Professor never respond to email. However, High ranking in statistics program.
  3. Hi, I need to make a decision by Apr.15 I have three schools that I am considering at the moment. Measurement and Evaluation from Teachers College Columbia, however, I have heard something that this program rarely got students who applied. Does anybody have previous experience on this? Another option is Applied Statistic Social Science Research in NYU. I heard it is a relatively small size program. And it offers an internship with the program. The 3rd option is Measurement, Evaluation, and Research in UVA. However, this program is not a STEM program that means I only have 1 year of OPT instead
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