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  1. Decision Dates

    Northwestern (MTS): Interview - notified 1/26, scheduled for 3/1-3/4 Cornell (Communication): Rejected, 2/2 NYU (MCC): Rejected, 2/21
  2. 2018 Applications Thread

    @E-P @Ishouldbewriting @whitmanifesto Thank you for being so encouraging!! I think my partner and I are feeling a lot better now about whatever the future holds
  3. 2018 Applications Thread

    @E-P Thanks for the support! It's definitely been an emotional couple of days for us (and will continue to be emotional). I did propose the idea of doing monthly visits, since I feel like NY-Chicago isn't too bad of a flight, and it sounds like NU's stipend will actually give me enough money to do that
  4. 2018 Applications Thread

    @sriracha18 This is my second time applying to MCC. I'm honestly not super surprised, even though I'm still disappointed. A faculty member I spoke to in the department was very sympathetic but ultimately warned me that my project would be difficult to support in the dept and that I'd have to figure out just the right angle to sell it, and I guess I wasn't able to do that. I've already broached the topic of moving with my SO and unfortunately, he doesn't want to. So I have to decide if pursuing a PhD is worth the strain on my relationship, plus deciding what to do with the cats (would probably make the most sense to leave them with my SO, but one of them I've had since he was 2 months old so it's really hard to think about not having him with me). It's really bittersweet. I think NU would be an amazing place to be and my POI there does really amazing work that I definitely want to be involved with, but it would also require huge sacrifice and commitment for what is honestly a super unstable career path.
  5. 2018 Applications Thread

    Accidentally posted in the wrong thread! But I got my NYU MCC rejection today. Last night I had a serious crisis about the idea of leaving my SO, friends, cats, behind to move to Chicago.
  6. Let’s just TALK about it...

    Got the NYU MCC rejection today. Still excited about NU, but the prospect of moving to a whole new city without my SO (or cats!) is really daunting, and I'm starting to have serious doubts about whether I'm cut out for this.
  7. Preparing for interview w/o a schedule?

    Wanted to ask some follow-up questions about this. I totally realize that I'm probably overthinking this, but who of us is not overthinking things? The dinner looks like it's organized by the admissions office rather than the department (e.g. the admissions office reached out to confirm travel dates/hotel, etc). Would it be out of place to ask them about dress code? I want to write back to the department to ask if they have a better idea of the schedule or at least who I'll be meeting. The DGS has been my main contact thus far, but he did mention (and copy) my POI as someone he wants to make sure I talk to. I reached out to my POI individually but he didn't respond. Should I email the DGS with POI CC'd or just DGS w/o POI on the email?
  8. American Studies Cycle 2017/2018

    I'm waiting for official responses from NYU and USC but expect them to be rejections.
  9. 2018 Applications Thread

    @mintless Yeah, me too. I'm still holding out hope though, since no one's posted about interviews yet...
  10. 2018 Applications Thread

    @mintless Did you apply to NYU MCC or a different dept?
  11. Campus Visits

    Two weeks until I head to NU! Still mostly unsure of what to expect; I plan on emailing the department next week to see if they have a schedule ready...
  12. 2018 Applications Thread

    Still nothing on the NYU front, but it's hard to know where they are in their process... I was hoping for good news, since I had a POI tell me she'd advocate for me :\
  13. @Ajensetta NYU MCC's website states that interview requests should go out "by mid-February," so I assume they do interviews every year. Hard to know if last year was early or not since there's not a lot of posts in previous years with interview dates...
  14. @Ajensetta Unfortunately, I'd assume so at this point. It looks like you already have a color coded signature? Also, I see you're also applying to NYU MCC? I'm getting anxious about that one, I know they send out interview invites pretty late compared to other schools...It's my last remaining hope, other than NU!