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  1. @whitmanifesto I just sent you a Facebook request!
  2. @whitmanifesto Yes! I think I'll try to make a trip in August to do some apartment hunting
  3. I officially accepted the offer to attend Northwestern! We should have a Chicagoland meetup
  4. They do but no one really uses it, so I wouldn't rely on it. @TooExcited&Nervous You're probably already aware of this but you will not find housing near NYU that is affordable, unless you're independently wealthy. One tip I do have is to keep in mind the train lines that go to NYU and look in the areas of Brooklyn, Queens, upper Manhattan, and the Bronx that are serviced by those lines. The N/Q/R/W, 4/5/6, A/C/E, and B/D/F/M are the main lines you wanna be looking at (these will get you to either 14th St-Union Square, 8th St-NYU, Astor Place, or West 4th St, which are all walkable to NYU). (Like @gallimimus mentioned, avoid the L.)
  5. I will warn you, NYU/Columbia/New School may sound sexy, but cost of living in New York City is astronomical. It sounds like you're calculating how much extra you'll need to cover tuition, but I would add another $30,000/yr to live extremely modestly. (That's how much my first full-time job paid and I was living paycheck-to-paycheck with no savings and unsustainable levels of credit card debt to make it work before I was finally promoted.)
  6. It looks like Columbia has a credit union you can look into: http://lcu.usalliance.org/
  7. @Yaris Thanks for the tips!
  8. @whitmanifesto @surprise_quiche @sriracha18 which one of you wrote this though? lol Northwestern University Communication Sciences, PhD (F18) Rejected via E-mail on 21 Mar 2018 A 21 Mar 2018 "We regret to inform you..." Looks into the camera like in the office. Music from the curb your enthusiasm meme plays.
  9. I was accepted to a great PhD program and am excited about going. However, I'd like to request a deferral for one year for various reasons: (1) I would like more time to save up extra money and pay off more of my undergrad loans, (2) for family reasons, my partner wouldn't be able to move with me until next year at the earliest, and (3) my job is going to be undergoing a big transition that I/my institutional knowledge would be pretty central to. Of course, I could handle all of these things now (work really hard at saving up in the short term, loans would go into deferment while I'm in school, do LDR for a year, train a replacement, etc.), but having an extra year to get my affairs in order would really be beneficial for me to be in the best frame of mind before starting school. The university does allow one year deferrals on a case-by-case basis, although ultimately it's the department's decision whether to allow it or not. I guess I'm afraid that (1) requesting a deferral will make me look bad to the department, and (2) that my reasons are not particularly compelling or life changing ones. What are your thoughts? Also would be helpful if anyone had advice on how to frame these points when requesting.
  10. I will very likely be moving to Chicago to attend Northwestern and am trying to get a sense of the livability/commute from various neighborhoods. I know Rogers Park is a popular one (we even had current students take us on a walking tour), but I'm kinda eyeing places off the express Purple stops. As a queer Asian American I'm especially curious about the area around Belmont (due to its proximity to Boystown) and Wilson (due to its proximity to "New Chinatown"/Little Saigon). Is it likely to find a room to rent out (not a 1br or studio) in either of those areas for ~$700/mo, and does anyone have experience with/advice about the commute to NU from there during peak or off-peak hours? Also, any advice for places to look for rooms other than Craigslist and Facebook groups?
  11. Has anyone been successful at negotiating for either a higher stipend or relocating costs (or both!) when they only had one offer? I work full-time now and going back to school would be a hit to my income, which of course I knew when I applied, but hoping to use that to negotiate even though I don't have other offers. (FWIW, the relocation costs are higher priority for me than higher stipend.)
  12. I was accepted to a program that I'm very excited about and is my only prospect for this year. However, my SO is unable to move with me at this time, and we're unsure about the future. Has anyone successfully maintained and LDR while in grad school and can give advice? I don't want to say my decision to accept or not is 100% dependent on whether we can make it work, but at the same time it's not something I can just not think about either, y'know?
  13. I'm officially in at NU! I have to talk with my SO before I can make the decision, however :\
  14. I got my last two rejections yesterday, meaning NU is officially my only remaining prospect! I'm confident about how my interviews went, but we'll see
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