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    HI everyone, I'm moving to NYC this week for a grad program at Columbia (living in the Morningside Heights neighborhood), and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for places to shop around the area that are similar in price to Walmart? I'm basically starting from scratch for my apartment and need kitchen stuff, cleaning supplies, etc. right away. I also have a tight budget, hence the need for Walmart-like stores where I can pick up everything I need. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Any good recommendations for credit unions in NYC? I'm starting at Columbia in May and would really like to find a credit union with good customer service, helpful staff, decent fees/rates, etc. I'm currently a member of a credit union at Wisconsin, but would like to be able to visit a branch in person when I need to, so I think it's time to switch. If anyone is a member of a credit union they really like, let me know! Thanks for the help!
  3. Anyone know by when SIPA enrollment deposits have to be made for the MPA-ESP program? I got their acceptance letter (yay!) but it seems like they omitted the deadline for the deposit. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the inner-workings of waitlists. I know it's different for each year and each school/program but any feedback is appreciated! For reference I've been waitlisted for Columbia's SIPA Environmental Science and Policy MPA. I've been on the waitlist since the beginning of January so I've had a lot of time to sit and think! A couple of things I have questions about are: If a program has a target cohort size of say 70, will they send acceptances to more (like 100) people and then additionally place more on the waitlist in anticipation of people declining offers? Meaning that even if some people decline they will still not move to the waitlist unless more than a certain number turn down their offers? Also, does the fact that I applied/was waitlisted earlier mean I might be higher up on the waitlist than someone who did so later? The message I received on my application portal said that the waitlist was unranked, but after corresponding with someone, I have reason to believe that one can be "bumped up" on the list. Thanks, I know I'm probably overthinking it, but any comments or insights would be great!
  5. Does anyone know whether SIPA has sent out all of its initial offers for the ESP MPA? The third and final deadline was Feb 15th, but I figure most of the applications were probably sent in before then.
  6. http://admissionsblog.sipa.columbia.edu/2015/12/03/when-youll-receive-your-admission-decision/ On the admissions blog they posted an "admissions timeline". Hopefully that helps!
  7. First off, congrats! Did you submit your FAFSA already then? When I called the financial aid office a while ago they said to submit after being admitted (and it's been a while since I did FAFSA for undergrad so I honestly don't remember when it's usually done)
  8. Hello! I applied for the regular Jan 15 deadline (MPA-ESP), and got wait listed. Is it safe to assume that even if an acceptance comes later, there won't be a fellowship offer? Thanks for you input!
  9. Does anyone have much insight into SIPA's MPA-ESP 1-year program and what their acceptance rates are like for the wait list? I got wait listed earlier this month and I'm not sure what their admission stats are in general for this new-ish program.
  10. If one is wait listed, then later accepted, is there much chance to receive funding/fellowships? Or is it more of a 'Hey just be happy you got in' kind of deal?
  11. SIPA was actually the only one I applied to (eek risky I know). I suppose the weird timeline of the ESP program probably makes it so that they don't get many responses until applicants hear back from other schools later on. What are your top choices?
  12. Mine was something along the lines of "Do you think international organizations are effective?" I think I talked about including diverse voices in issues that affect us on a global scale or something. Honestly I was so nervous that it all came and went in a blur haha. For reference I applied to the MPA-ESP program
  13. Not sure if this is still relevant, but I just joined and I read a few pages back about admit results coming from Columbia. The program I applied for (SIPA's environmental science and policy mpa) is one year long and starts in May/June. I wouldn't be surprised if people were trolling the results page, but another explanation could be that they applied for this program, and received an offer early because it starts earlier than most? If I'm wrong in this assumption though, please let me know! I got wait-listed, btw, so I am stressing to the max about what might happen next. Good luck to all!
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