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  1. Decision Dates

    Wayne State University, Communication Studies - accepted 2/1/2018, no funding info University of Illinois at Chicago, Communications - accepted 2/7/2018 funding offered, Graduate school approval 2/16/2018
  2. 2018 Applications Thread

    NU totally gives you the budget for that! And it's not that hard to find a cat friendly place in Chicago, and NU is really good at offering housing searches for it's students from outside the area. Also between me and @E-P we should be able to help you find a place. NY to Chicago is about $180 ticket or so I think? Its not an uncommon problem during PhD programs and then summer returning to NY may be very helpful too.
  3. 2018 Applications Thread

    I'm visiting the campus the Wednesday in Chicago, which I'm excited for, but I went through the entire funding package this weekend: I'll be taking home $12,500 a year after tax. 😧 And they school only covers about half of my healthcare cost (but the coverage is very good and include free vision and dental). I'm going to go over my financial aid stuff this week. I guess I'm lucky, because as a nonresident student, my possible loan amount is higher than Illinois residents. But I'm going to try to secure another .20 appointments to make life a bit more comfortable. Me and my partner are discussing moving in together, cause it's really hitting us how poor I'll be as a public institute PhD student. He's so lucky with his NU stipend.
  4. How many classes is too many?

    Also, don't look at the number of hours per say in the TA position, ask how many classes and students you are responsible for. I am in a MA program that does normally 3 courses a semester, so you complete the degree in 2 years not counting summer courses which could shorten your time, and you are responsible to teach 1 course (10 hour TA) to get a tuition waiver. At UIC, you are expected to take 3 courses a semester which is "12 credits" because 4 is their standard hours per course, and the 20 hour TA is only 1 course with about 20 students. Not the most intense. Ask for a sample syllabus for their graduate courses and for the course they usually require to teach. Really, look at graduate school as a full time job.
  5. 2018 Applications Thread

    @sriracha18 definitely ask how often grad students see their advisers and how easy it is to contact them. And how long professors have been at the program. I hope it's settled down by now, my undergrad degree is from IU, so I feel strongly connected to them. @deshypothequiez I hope you hear from NYU MCC soon! I am in love with Lisa Gitelman! It is so great and so sweet, she answers emails so quickly (how I not so secretly judge Comm departments).
  6. Commuting throughout graduate studies

    I've been doing a 45 minute commute for 3 years now. It doesn't interfere with my schooling, bu it's very tiring because I work on the campus as well. I also feel less connected to my cohort but that's ok. I go what I needed from the program despite he commute. Just do what makes financial sense.
  7. 2018 Applications Thread

    @ProudCatMom They dropped SO MUCH money into it, they have a great Psychology Lab for media research and they're libraries are amazing. I'm just really concerned about mentorship in a program that's having a lot of ups and downs.
  8. 2018 Applications Thread

    Kinda of unrelated, but does anyone use HNet Commons? I love it, but wish they're could be a Communications / Media studies focused forum that more organized the research opportunities, applications, funding, journals, summer programs, etc. Its such a pain trying to fin them all. I feel like academics (graduate students particularly), especially those focused on communications and media, should be far more networked than we are.
  9. 2018 Applications Thread

    @surprise_quiche did they offer to pay for your trip? i know you're really close, but thats the sure sign they're going to offer you some funding. WSU offered to reimburse, so I knew I was still up for funding eventually once they finish their negotiations with the grad school. I wish unis were more open about the, like listing their offers on a web page, its easy to do. I hate all these hidden games.
  10. 2018 Applications Thread

    Were you given a time frame? I was asked to sign an "initial interest" thing for UIC by next Wednesday, it was actually an acceptance of the TAship, so I'm definitely tied in. Everything NU offers but the school prestige UIC has so I don't feel guilty for accepting already. (And the stipend difference, obviously, but I've also been hearing that NU grad students have a hard time making the research output compared to public school top programs which doesn't surprise me seeing my partner's syllabi. So reading heavy)
  11. 2018 Applications Thread

    When I got my funding email I was getting off the elevator to the Chancellor's and Provosts area, and was so excited I couldn't speak, just skipped through the lobby and offices. I am so glad there was not senior leadership meeting that day! @sriracha18 Is Bloomington (Indiana University I'm assuming) your only option? Because I will warn you, since they merged into the Media School it is NOT the same program most people remember. I was wait lists in the 2015 session when the re-figuring was happening and I really dodged a bullet. UIC profs were telling me some of the inside stuff, but almost all the big researchers have left (the two I was interested in have since left the state, ones in Oregon now I think). A lot of the Phd candidates jumped ship the last two years. Be very careful in making your decision. It may have gotten better since, but the re-figuring brought a lot of damage to their reputation, particular their telecommunications/media industry and cultural studies focuses. Also, I just got off the phone with the NU communications department, apparently they are waiting until Mid March to make their decisions, she was very snippy, so I'm assuming they aren't making their "decisions" until after the general visit and they already sent out their first picks for the RPC program.
  12. I sat in on a RPC course last semester when I visited the campus, and they are VERY theory heavily. It wasn't to the point that I didn't understand them, it just seemed too much. Like the tv representations of Ivy League schools, almost like a cartoon. I think a lot of their grad students come from Literature backgrounds. @Ajensetta congrats on the RPI acceptance! Thats a very good program! I know a candidate there!
  13. I was just in this situation. I was accepted to the "safety" school, but had already attended campus events twice. I knew I really liked the program, but I was accepted to my first pick with guaranteed funding and a much better fit all around. The visit was set for Feb 23rd, but since I already know that my first pick is not only a good fit, that I have funding and the safety school was footing the bill for my visit, I sent a decline of the offer with 2 weeks room for them to invite someone else to the visit. Since I had really already made up my mind, I thought it only fair to give someone else a chance at the visit, especially if they were unsure. You can still network with the professor if you feel the connection is genuine.
  14. Campus Visits

    Wednesday Feb 21, I'm going to UIC for a campus visit. I requested it, but they're going to show me around in depth and I'm going to sit in on a course. This time Ill be able to see the graduate office spaces, the research resources and the grad rep is going to show me the best places for apartments.
  15. The Study of Propaganda and Religious Communication

    This completely falls within Communications, specifically programs that focus on Cultural Studies, Critical Studies, Discourse Analysis, and Political Communications. Herman and Chomsky's "Propaganda Model" and works on cultural hegemony are the major influences on studies of Propaganda and Fake News. This year these topics are the one of the main focuses in the Union for Democratic Communications (I'm on the steering committee, so I've seen a lot of the upcoming papers) Conference in Chicago. If you visit the website, you'll see the program in a month or so and you can scout out what professors are focusing on this right now. Also, Discourse & Society is a good journal for this kind of work. Programs that focus on New Media, like UCLA, UC Irvine and UIC are good your particular interests. Try to get stuff written, like for conferences. With that many Masters degrees you will be expected to have a lot of writing out there, maybe even a publication. Too many degrees and not enough research could actually put you behind, not at an advantage. You don't want to look like a "career student" they want researchers. International Communications Association and National Communications Association (US) are our main conferences, but look for regional places as well. Political and Religious studies conferences are also good.