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  1. Yesss! I already signed a lease for a place in The View apartments over on Toftrees. I'll have to get used to having roommates but it's really nice. The bus stops right out front the main 'club house'. You get a free bus pass, there's a gym, free coffee house, study lounge with free printing, and lots of other ammenities. You get your own room and bathroom which is cool. I put on my roommate matching sheet that I would prefer to live with other grad students (who don't mind cats, of course, because I'll be bringing my babies). The rent includes all utilities including wifi and there's a washer
  2. The professor I spent a year TAing for nominated me for the university wide outstanding TA award--which I won! I do plan on inviting her to the award ceremony, but I was wondering if I should extend an invitation to my academic advisor as well? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've searched through other threads on GradCafe about this and I can't really find what I'm looking for. I've already been accepted to a few programs and I know that one, in particular, I will most likely not be attending. This has got me thinking: what's a nice way to format a 'turning down the offer' email while showing I was grateful to be considered for admission? Thank you!!
  4. When I visited Indiana last semester I spoke to a PhD student there with a similar experience. She had a conditional offer of being expedited into the PhD program if she entered the MA program instead and performed satisfactorily. She said she felt like it was pretty beneficial for her to have done that and helped her really find her focus prior to entering the PhD side of things. In my own experience, my undergrad was more professional/applied in media production so I felt my masters (which is super theoretical/research based) has helped me tremendously in feeling more confident that I c
  5. Yeah, I definitely got that feel. As someone more quantitatively focused mentors seemed kind of few and far between, and even slimmer based on research interests. I still applied though primarily for the sake of the research lab and Bloomington itself.
  6. Is MSU for the Communication PhD program or the Media & Information PhD? I applied for the Communication track and have heard nothing from them (even after an email).
  7. I went to a university wide recruitment event last semester and their research labs are AMAZING!
  8. At Cleveland State University I took courses with and have the "master" in Persuasion (Richard Perloff) on my thesis committee. He has done a lot of work on religious extremist organizations/cults in his textbook (and I'm assuming in other work too). His BA was in philosophy, and then his MA & PhD were in mass communication. He was a post-doc at Ohio State working for Social Psych, Journalism, and Communication and now is a professor with appointments in Communication, Political Science, and Psych. Unfortunately CSU does not have a PhD program but he may be worth reaching out to and getti
  9. Yay! That's awesome. There's a professor at Cleveland State that I had a really awesome relationship with (I TA'd for her 2 semesters) who got her MA/PhD in BG's program and taught there for quite a while. Assuming everyone else in that department is as wonderful as she is, I'm sure your friend will have a wonderful experience there.
  10. Media effects, with an emphasis on understanding the role of emotion in the selection of/processing of/persuasive outcomes and other effects of media. Oliver, Myrick, and Shen (in that order, lol). Hoping I don't fan girl too much in the presence of Dr. Oliver. I love her work and her approach to studying media effects.
  11. I feel like any campus visit/interview/etc automatically gets me super interested and excited with a particular program. I have to talk myself down a little bit and not get too starry eyed anytime a prospective program sends something promising my way. It's bad enough even my partner has pointed it out LOL Anyone else suffer from this?
  12. Yes, I will be there! What's your area of interest/POIs? I did, I'm tired of looking at the 'pending' in the application portal.
  13. I received an acceptance from SUNY Buffalo as well! Fingers crossed more good things are coming our way!
  14. I felt relatively positive about my applications when I submitted them. Not in a way that was better than anyone, but rather I had something to offer the programs I applied to and that I felt proud of what I was able to accomplish and experience in my master's program. Now I just feel like an imposter and that they'll see right through me. Even beyond that I'm questioning my average AF GRE scores and unergraduate GPA and am now having a lot of anxiety over it.
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