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  1. Posting here instead of starting a new thread - I'm filling out my DS-160 for my F-1 visa and there's a section that asks me to fill my university attendance dates. For my latest degree (an MA from the US), I'm confused as to whether I should write the dates I was there physically, or the date I received my MA degree. I was in the US from September 2013 to July 2015, but then came back to my home country and finished up my MA thesis from here, after which I officially received my degree in Feb 2016. In short - would my dates of attendance be Sept 2013-July 2015 or Sept 2013-Feb 2016? Any help
  2. Meeting professors comes through presenting at graduate student conferences - now that you're going to be at MAPSS, make sure you apply to at least two! I presented at one during my MA and it's the same one I'm going to be attending for a PhD this year.... when I got in touch with my POI, I made sure to mention that I had met her during the conference, and that she may remember me. She did! Not a guarantee of any kind, but definitely a boost. Also, everyone I know who has attended MAPSS accepted that it's a tough situation to be in; they also grudgingly admit that it played a huge role in gett
  3. Also, a year out of undergrad is nothing! Don't feel like you're running out of time... I'm going to be attending school in Fall 2017, but graduated from undergrad in 2011
  4. I came across this article on rejections by an anthro PhD candidate who was successful this cycle, it might be helpful: https://qz.com/950763/how-to-get-into-graduate-school-according-to-current-phd-students/ I know it's kind of trite, but the author does lay out the basic skeleton of what one should be thinking about. Also, as many have said - your GRE only matters to the extent that it's not terrible, what's important is fit, SOP and recs - my GPA in undergrad was terrible (3.16) but an MA degree from Columbia, good recs and a strong SOP helped me get into a top program this year.
  5. If there's anything this process tells you, it's that rejections are often a matter of politics, bad luck, and frankly statistics - i.e. apps are a crapshoot. If, for example, Columbia is taking 8 students out of approximately 200 applicants, I for one refuse to believe that means there were only 8 qualified candidates! It's a matter of a very limited number of seats. There's lots of people on this forum who've been rejected in previous cycles and are now getting into several schools. For one @AnthropologyNRT (don't know why I'm not being able to tag them, but shoot them a PM in case they don
  6. As someone who has an MA in anthropology, I have a few thoughts on this. I really, really benefited from getting an MA but I think those benefits apply in very specific circumstances. Firstly, my MA (health insurance and living stipend included) was fully paid for through an external scholarship (Fulbright). Secondly, as an international student who had never studied in the US, it made me understand how American academia works, what it tends to reward/dismiss, and a better understanding of anthropology as a discipline at the grad school level. Thirdly, given my undergrad GPA was average at be
  7. You might want to check out the Notre Dame PhD program in Anthropology and Peace Studies (part of the Kroc Institute). For Medical Anthro in general, check out Hopkins and Berkeley.
  8. I had an interview with Hopkins on the 17th of Feb, (notified of interview on 15th) and was accepted on the 22nd. Good luck! Their admission process is confusing, I noticed on the results page that two people were admitted even before I had my interview.
  9. Nice! That's a lot of acceptances, you're spoilt for choice! Glad we're being kept in the loop, and good luck with UVA!
  10. Where are you at on your list @museum_geek? Confession: Was following your extensive list of schools as I followed this thread and now I'm pretty invested
  11. Generally, the MA pool is considered after the PHD pool of candidates at most universities. Good luck!
  12. Thanks guys! Maybe Hopkins/Toronto are still options... @TP24 channel your anxiety into research and prep - maybe reach out to current students to get a feel of how Stanford interviews work. May the odds be in your favour.
  13. Whoever posted the Stanford interview for sociocultural - Congratulations! I'm out of the picture I guess (no interview) and it's breaking my heart because Stanford was number 1 for me. I'm currently standing at 5 rejections (presumably Chicago, Stanford and Toronto and officially Brown and Michigan) and 1 acceptance (UC Davis). Only waiting on Hopkins now and the way things are going, I'm not expecting anything. If anyone hears anything about Hopkins interviews, please let me know so I can accept the one offer I have! And to everyone still waiting: Hoping for the best for all of you! I knew t
  14. Yes, a friend at Chicago just confirmed the interviews are all sent out so unfortunately for those of us waiting, I think, as @farflung points out, the wait is over. Oh well! Has anyone heard anything from Hopkins?
  15. Sure! Will message you. And thanks! Don't assume it's a rejection just yet though! Sending good vibes to everyone waiting to hear good news.
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