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  1. Hey all, It has been a long time since I've been to this forum, but I thought I would write this post to share my experiences as an anthro major in undergrad to getting my MA through the MAPSS program at UChicago, and where I am now, in case any of you are wondering if it's worth it, or are just looking for some perspective in a field that is only getting more difficult to make something of, both academically and professionally. Please note that this review/perspective is from someone who decided *NOT* to pursue a PhD, but instead chose a non-academic career path. Maybe you can rela
  2. Well, the overarching gist of my initial post asked a couple of specific questions in the vein of "do funded MAs exist" (as I had not found any, and people I spoke to in person didn't provide a lot of info on MAs in general) and asking for opinions on who should be pursuing a PhD (after all, I feel pretty disheartened), as well as if anyone had thoughts about the cycle I discussed. The conversation sort of evolved into asking about specific programs, and I didn't make my interests clear. I am interested in aesthetics, media, technology, on-demand service culture, social media, and modernity.
  3. I get that- just looking for help, as I've researched many programs for two years now and haven't found much out about funded MA programs. I have definitely done my research, but I guess that's why I wrote this post- I've reached a dead-end and tons of conflicting advice both here and from professors and students. Anyway, I don't want to come across as wanting others to do the legwork for me, so I guess I'll just end the thread here
  4. @rising_star well, I am not 100% against deferring. I was hoping for people to share their experiences at specific schools and specific funded MA programs. No one I've spoken to has alluded to specific ones, and I wasn't sure where to start looking.
  5. @Concordia I'm not sure if I can defer. I don't really want to, I guess. I've already taken 2.5 years off, I feel like I'm ready to be back in school. I just wish the MAPSS program wasn't so widely distrusted/despised. I guess I came here to get some advice about where to find funded MAs, like specific schools/programs, just in case I have the option to rescind my acceptance...
  6. @rising_star I think what you're saying is correct- but I don't really know what to do. I've accepted the offer, I thought about it for a good month and half, spoke to tons of people, and I I didn't get a ton of advice about funded MAs. That's why I wrote this post, I guess. I'm trying to see if any one could point me in the direction of funded MAs they were in, or knew of. I couldn't afford my undergrad education either- and that's where I'm so frustrated by the system, because it seems like education is built for either the very accomplished/brilliant, or the rich. If I'm neither, should I n
  7. @CrunchCrunch I think you make a good point about meeting as many professors as you can, and establishing relationships- but I live in California and certainly can't afford to travel across the country all the time, and take off time from work, for various events that one professor might be at, or attend office hours... especially since I'm looking at a number of schools. I will definitely do my best to meet as many as I can, though, when on campus! I'll also be nearer to other schools on the east coast, making visiting them much easier/affordable. @rising_star I didn't realize funding wa
  8. @Comparativist @museum_geek I think the work (should) outweighs the name of the school, too- I just have never had much help in finding MAs that provide funding. Even when discussing options with my LOR writer, she mentioned that it wouldn't be in my best interest to apply to MA programs (and like I mentioned in my post, a lot of people on here said it wouldn't be in my best interest either). That's why I didn't even consider MAs my first time around. My second time around (2016 cycle) I narrowed down my schools to absolute best fits, to schools/programs whose faculty I spoken with, which were
  9. @museum_geek Thanks for your thoughts! It certainly is demoralizing, especially when there are so many people (current students, professors, or The Professor is In) saying that there are very few people who should actually be going to grad school (pursuing a PhD, more specifically). It's unfortunate the program gets so much heat. It's been a serious deterrent for me to accepting the offer...I am afraid that everyone will look at it as being less than worthy, or being a "fake" program. While I don't think an MA in social sciences will be useful for a career in accounting, it certainly cou
  10. Hey everyone, It has been fairly quiet on the forums since all decisions have come out, and I'm sure we're all taking a break (whether we got the admits we wanted or the rejections we didn't!) from grad-school-related conversations. But if there are any stragglers out there who want to offer some insights, please do... Firstly, have you invested yourself 100,000% in this application process that you're starting to wonder why you even want to go to graduate school? Like, all the reasons you had before are melting away, as The Professor is In words ebb away at any hope you had for you
  11. Hello I wanted to provide a brief, somewhat limited, response based on my experience attending SFSU as an anthro undergrad (focus in sociocultural). I know for a fact that SFSU boasts a really great film department in general, and the anthro department there is honestly SO solid as well. These two factors combined, from my outsider perspective, make the program a great contender for anyone considering visual anthropology. I had a few colleagues in undergrad who were attempting to focus on visual anthropology and some even ended up attending SFSU for an MA in it. The anthro dept at SFSU
  12. @hantoo Thanks for your insights! I just don't understand why they won't reject me already. It seems like a good number of people have received rejections and I don't see the logic in not rejecting me alongside those other people. & Thanks also for the positivity!
  13. Congrats to all who have been accepted (anywhere) and especially to those accepted to their top choices. I'm really happy for you and wish you nothing but the best on your journey! Does anyone know if the UChicago rejections are coming in waves? I see many rejections, but I haven't heard anything at all- no rejection, waitlist, etc. Same thing from MIT- just radio silent. Paranoia is settling in!
  14. Can anyone speak for activity happening with MIT HASTS? I am positive I am rejected (no interview request and I've been rejected from less prestigious schools, indicating my app isn't up to snuff), but I only saw one interview submitted on the survey page and haven't seen anything else.
  15. Hi! I'm not sure about the programs at these schools, but I wanted to give an FYI if you're not already aware about UCR in terms of the city itself. For reference, I was born and raised in San Diego with my family, and my brother ended up going to UCR and became so depressed because of the city that he dropped out. While some programs might be amazing for what we want to do, I think it's important we also consider the cities/environment they are situated in, because it is just as important in terms of being productive/having a quality of life. Life will be hard enough being in a rigorous PhD p
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