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  1. I saw this cartoon today and it cheered me up quite a bit re: this admission whirlwind.
  2. Thanks for sharing this info, Synthema! Do you happen to know what kind of interview/invitation your colleague received--for example, was it from an individual faculty member or from the department head? I guess I'm trying to figure out if this invite was representative of a finalized shortlist of sorts or if there's still some chance for people to join the shortlist.
  3. Good points! Thanks for assuaging my nerves a bit. I'll keep pressing F5 with all of you lol
  4. Hey all! Applying to sociocultural programs at Duke, Penn, MIT, Michigan, and Chicago. (Selection very limited by the fact that my partner is only considering law school in these locations.) Not really certain about my odds for any of them, so whatever happens happens. Couldn't help but notice that there was a Duke interview announced today--congrats!! Does anyone know if Duke sends out interview requests all at once from one party or if individual faculty members send them out? PS: up this early just because I'm in London right now--being on this side of the Atlantic, especially during
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