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  1. Anama

    Applications 2019

    I wish you the best of luck! I'm out of reactions already. Thank you for sharing this, I think given that someone is on the waitlist this is sensible advice and in my understanding even very professional ( the updating and answering of mails). If it is useful for me specifically I don't know as I'm not sure about the status of my application yet.
  2. Anama

    Applications 2019

    @Balleu I hope this works out and you can attend Northwestern. I assume to be waitlisted at UChicago Anthropology and as ist seems CHSS has also released its admissions. How exactly would you court Northwestern? Just get in touch with the POI and emphasize that it is your top choice?
  3. Anama

    Applications 2019

    I'm still waiting on 3 programs. One is an implied rejection or hidden waitlist I guess, the other two have not notified anybody yet (though with NYU Anthropology, number one of these two it is hard to pin down where I stand) and for the last program, admissions have not been released as far as I am concerned. I should know more by the end of this week, but is is a strange situation to be in. I'm coming up with all these images in relation to mythology and day to day life where people are left to wait in limbo. And it is not even the comfortable part of limbo where the wait is kind of open ended and you can relax into it. It's the part where you can see some light at the end of the tunnel but you are not sure. It could be an illusion too. I imagine one would feel like this being stood up on a date, the person is late already but he/she could still arrive, it's not THAT late. Only that I have been waiting like this for 10 days now.
  4. Anama

    Applications 2019

    Anybody still waiting for acceptances for a PhD an not for implied rejections turning into real ones? Tgc is very quiet now and there are few acceptances for PhDs on the results page this time of the month. It feels as If I am hanging out at a party where everybody has left already and the hosts have forgotten about the few remaining guests.
  5. I'm still waiting for programs which have not notified at all. It really is late but it seems to be the case that the programs I applied for lag behind this year.
  6. Anama

    Applications 2019

    Hello anybody who has some news for CHSS Chicago?
  7. Anama

    Applications 2019

    That said, I went to check a last time the portal where I found the Harvard History of Science rejection. My first rejection. It was nice doing this. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Anama

    Applications 2019

    I'm in the same boat. Still waiting. I made some peace with it at this point in the process. But I am having problems taking care of my other duties. Anybody else experiencing this and any tips? I have this pretty weird magical thinking going on, that if I focus on something else it'll influence negatively my application. So my goal for the weekend is to enjoy life and stay on top of my other responsibilities! In terms of learning, I think I have lost some anxieties I had before applying regarding academia, my research and my capabilities in terms of handling a very heavy workload. Now I need to be careful not to gain new ones ( Maybe not getting into my top choice should not decrease my self-esteem). I mean this is a first in life for me where I am faced with such a big uncertainty. I always got what I aimed for and am afraid to be very sensible due to this. This really has been one of my biggest doubts since the beginning of the process, that in such a environment I couldn't thrive as such stress doesn't allow for the mindfulness I need for my work... But then again isn't gradschool exactly about this?
  9. I dreamed that I was in a kind of interview situation defending my GRE scores. There were two people interviewing me and I remember that in my dream I was thinking "Yes you are doing a good job" while also thinking "These people don't look impressed." The strange thing about the dream was, that I had these two perspectives, first as a participant and secondly as a ghostlike observer. And the dream was over with me, the ghostlike observer being cut off connecting into the room. So it felt as if I videochated with them while maybe the person they were evaluating in the "room" was a personification of me in the form of my application? Had some more dreams,but don't remember. I really dig this thread.
  10. I have complete radio silence from all programs I applied for. There is one implied rejection but the rest is totally opaque as I applied to program where results are allover the place or just one accpetance appears which makes it hard to conclude anything. It's madness. Hoping for good news this week.
  11. NYU just posted on their social media that this week all early admissions went out. I'm not sure if the process is terminated now or if they have a second wave through waitlists.
  12. Anama

    Applications 2019

    Jepp. Another weekend. I'm not looking forward to this one. By wednesday next week I expect to be sure about implied rejections.
  13. There is an acceptance from NYU on the results page. Contact via POI. I never know what to do with these informal acceptances, could be an individual case and at the same time I have the impression that all admits are contacted personally.
  14. I echo the advice on interpersonal relationships. The problem is not everyone has those great mentors just around the corner but something I have learned is that even during the application cycle you can forge new relationships. There are professor out there willing to mentor you through an application process if they see you are serious. Start early, take it seriously even if there is still a lot of time till the application is due, this is a marathon don't exhaust yourself on one part of the process. Ultimately what helped me tremendously has been the visualization that I already was working on my PhD rather than just applying. I could take myself very seriously when I considered it a job and didn't loose confidence if one thing didn't go as planned at fist. It's really simple actually, don't complicate it.
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