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  1. Hi y'all ! Has anyone heard from Brandeis or the University of Iowa for phd history? I just saw a few offers on the dashboard and I'm starting to feel very anxious! I would assume that it looks bad for me if some got wait listed and some other accepted to those two schools right? I'm actually an international student and it's quite hard for me to understand how everything works. By the way, Houston has sent out its offers for PhD history. Also, congratulations to all who have been accepted to some of the schools they applied to ! :D
  2. Hi y'all, This is my first post on the forum so I hope I'm doing this right ! I'm from France and truly want to Apply to the University of Brandeis (their PhD programm in history seems pretty cool!). I've heard that the stipend they give to their PhD student is $16.000. Does anyone know how expensive life is around the area? Is this amount of money enough to live comfortably in the area? All help is appreciated, as I am not from the U.S and won't be able to come visit anytime soon ! :)
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