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  1. spacea

    Applications 2019

    I am so sorry you feel that way. But keep in mind, this process is always a bit of a crap shoot in the end. Admittance also depends on luck - there are always way more qualified candidates than the programs can admit.
  2. spacea

    Applications 2019

    Finally got the Harvard HoS rejection as well! Not to be overly dramatic, but that "Unfortunately, enrollment of new students is limited to a small number who are qualified for admission" line is just... is so badly phrased, it really makes it easier to not feel disappointed about not getting in. We all know that far more qualified people apply than they can admit - there is zero reason to phrase it this way, other than optics. Congrats to the admits tho!
  3. spacea

    Applications 2019

    Same. I applied to 5 schools and have radio silence from all of them so far (two of those I know notify later in March or beginning of April). The silence is terrible, though. It constantly makes me wonder whether it is an implied rejection, or some unofficial waitlist, or just the POI having a tight schedule.
  4. Oh, shoot. I'm so sorry! Via E-mail, or is the decision also reflected on the portal? (I'm also still waiting for my results.) Also, fingers crossed for U of T and Yale still for ya!
  5. spacea

    Applications 2019

    I just realized most of the schools I applied to state they notify "in February" or "by early March", which... is not exactly transparent. Re: Chicago, I know they have notified people in Anthro and CompLit, but those were also departments that interviewed, so. Fingers crossed for all of us. 🤞
  6. spacea

    Applications 2019

    That's great to know re: Chicago, thank you!
  7. Which one do you think is an implied rejection? Fingers crossed for all of us. A friend of mine also only heard from Brown mid March last year - it really isn't over until you have the actual results!
  8. spacea

    Applications 2019

    Hey, are you talking about History or History of Science here? (And Harvard or Chicago, or both? I am confused as to which one you are referring exactly.) (ETA, sorry, figured it out. Eek, how do you delete comments.)
  9. spacea

    Applications 2019

    I haven't heard from them yet either, but based on the results page, in the previous years they usually sent out the notifications on the 20th. If you do reach out, however, let us know! And fingers crossed for you.
  10. Someone posted an acceptance in the results thread, could they please elaborate? Thanks in advance!
  11. spacea

    Applications 2019

    You too, nevertheless! 🤞
  12. spacea

    Applications 2019

    HoS doesn't seem to have sent out the official rejections (maybe not even the acceptances yet), and I also have nothing on the application website. I know they also had two faculty up for tenure this December, so maybe that's why? Or maybe that's wishful thinking, idk.
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