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  1. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    Yes, I'm fully prepared for rejection--I'd just like it to be official so I can move on
  2. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    Has anyone heard from Harvard History of Science by chance?
  3. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    Thank you so much for replying!! And congrats
  4. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    @spacealienphilosophy Haha, me too (and having a heart attack over every new email notification) Good luck to everyone! If the person who was admitted sees this, would you mind sharing what your sub field is?
  5. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    @spacealienphilosophy Nope, haven't heard anything at all. Seems that we have similar research interests then Wow that's quite a large cohort size! Do you know anything about how many applicants they tend to get? I was under the impression that there only about 40 of us HOS people, so that would make the admission rate quite high.
  6. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    Haha it's actually my top choice for that reason! That, plus the fact that they're strong in my area (20th C). In regards to a POI, I spoke briefly to Matthew Hersch. How about you? I'm afraid I have no idea about their admission numbers! It's quite a large department, so I imagine they must admit slightly more students than, say, Princeton HOS
  7. Volozo

    Applications 2019

    Hi everyone! @Anama I too am waiting on harvard history of science. I made an account here today to unleash some of my anxiety lol
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