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  1. Jericho

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    @eekemelye, @aporeticpoetic, @pexygalax: can we private message about housing in Boston/Waltham area?
  2. Jericho

    Brandeis University - Fall 2018

    Hey, I know this is from last cycle but I'll be starting my History PhD at Brandeis in Fall 2019 and wanted to reach out and see if you guys knew of anyone looking for a roommate or any leads on that! Don't worry, I'm looking elsewhere, just throwing out a lot of options.
  3. Jericho

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    I'm leaving for a visit tonight and I wanted to say I really appreciate all the advice in this thread and I'll be asking about these things. Thanks!
  4. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I haven't heard from them yet either.
  5. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I was accepted to Brandeis, you can DM me with any questions and I'll see if I can help.
  6. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I applied to 16 schools (had a lot of fees waived because I served in AmeriCorps) and I'm at 3 accepted, 9 rejected, 4 radio silence.
  7. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I haven't heard from Duke either, there have been acceptances but no wait-lists or rejections, so I assume we're rejected.
  8. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I agree with what @DanaJ said above, and want to add my 2 cents: I think, if phrased correctly, this conversation can both (1) show that you are interested in, invested in, and conversant on the matters of this department, and (2) indicate that you understand the delicate balance in which a PhD program and a student in said program need to operate.
  9. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    Awesome! I'm definitely messaging you now, then!
  10. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    Hi, @Aithera, I'm the Pitt acceptance. ETA: If you want to private message me about it, we can talk.
  11. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    Thanks! It's my #1 choice so I'm still pretty nervous.
  12. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    Congratulations I wonder if Rutgers has already notified those on the wait list that they are on the wait list. I've seen acceptances from them but no wait list results or rejections.
  13. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I don't. And I don't know if they even considered the interview I had as a formal interview or just preliminary, with my POI.
  14. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    I hope so too!
  15. Jericho

    Applications 2019

    Sorry!!! haha I'll let you know as soon as I know. And if you have any questions about Pittsburgh, I've lived here nearly my entire life

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