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  1. gorgogliante

    Can PhD program rescind offer if I tell them I am pregnant?

    Find out what the Grad School's parental leave/other leave policies are. I don't know what the school is, but it may be in the Grad School Bulletin or Student Handbook. It should be somewhere on their website. If you can't find anything, email someone in the Dean's office to ask for clarification. In my experience, the admin are likely to be more supportive or neutral about students taking leave, whereas faculty/programs may be a little more stingy. (Of course, some programs are entirely supportive.) Be aware that whatever is listed in the school Bulletin/Handbook is the official policy regardless of what anyone else tells you. (I work in a graduate Dean's office.)
  2. gorgogliante

    Accidentally applied to the wrong program

    It sounds to me that due to the similarities of the programs, it's likely that at the least you would be able to transfer into the correct program once/if you are admitted. It might take a semester to transfer or they may do it immediately when you are enrolled. signed, current uni admin
  3. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Thanks for the advice. You're right, I need to wait until my visit to gauge their interest/the program fit. My visits are a month apart which is also influencing my perspective right now. When I've met with both sets of faculty and students I'll probably have a clearer sense of where to go.
  4. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    And you'd have to pay NYC rent on top of that. Not worth it. VU sounds like a great option. Right now I have two choices for an EM World focus, so I have to compare departmental focus on multiple regions. Here's the problem: School A has a significantly stronger focus on region X, but they work on modern/contemporary and don't use the methods I need. School B has a weak focus on that region, but the expert there has interests that are significantly closer to my own. She is also the director of a relevant national institute. I'm worried that although School A has great regional expertise, in the long run their faculty would not end up being as interested in my project or as helpful. Any thoughts on this?
  5. gorgogliante

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    I wholeheartedly agree with @TMP. Speaking from admin experience, I've seen a huge number of grad student medical leaves of absence for anxiety/depression. To add onto the mental health treatment question, find out what the leave policies are at your school: medical, parental, personal, etc. Find out if you will lose a semester of funding if you go on leave. Some departments may defer your funding for your return--others might not.
  6. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    I just got my Harvard rejection. Frankly, I am relieved to know at this point!
  7. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Georgetown's committee has finalized its list. Not sure when the letters will be going out. Good luck everyone!
  8. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    I have withdrawn my application from Georgetown so another transregional candidate has a chance. Now time to decide between Michigan and Duke 🤔
  9. gorgogliante

    Noticing a change in my research interests-- what should I do?

    I was rejected from PhD programs out of undergrad and ultimately, it was a blessing. I went to a partially-funded MA instead. It gave me the chance to develop my languages, broaden my research interests, and network through faculty. In undergrad, I was interested in 18th-century British imperial history. During my MA I took courses on a variety of world regions, and now I'm more interested in early modern Indian Ocean history and material culture. By this PhD cycle, I had more languages, more archival research experience, and a better grasp on historiography and how to propose a feasible research project. The applications were also easier: I only applied to 4 PhD programs because I know what I am looking for. Re: early modern Italian history, there is definitely a demand for more globally-oriented research on Venice, Livorno, etc. Plus, I can attest that Italian archives have their, err, quirks... but there are benefits to travelling there!
  10. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Congrats! So exciting!
  11. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    This is outdated information. The main problem these days in DC is cost of living. I've loved living in DC for 5 yrs. Congrats @Jericho !
  12. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Thank you! Yes, I got a personalized email with funding information and details about their visit dates in mid March.
  13. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Just heard from UMich! Second acceptance!
  14. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Congratulations to everyone getting into Yale! How exciting. Really wonderful to see people from non-traditional backgrounds being admitted. Here's to more equity in academia.
  15. gorgogliante

    Applications 2019

    Mine is also still there... having worked with higher ed software, I think this is possibly just a technology screwup ?

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