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  1. Just accepted into a PhD program for Fall 2019. Also just found out I am pregnant (surprise!) and likely due around November 15th. It's extremely early in the pregnancy. I haven't even been to the doctor yet. Should I tell the program before I accept to see how accommodating they will be able to be? Ideally, I'd love to postpone the first semester or just take a 1 credit course to stay on the books, but if that is not at all possible and they need me to be full-time and I'm medically not able to be, I might have to decline, which would absolutely suck. Anyone else delivered a baby in their 1st
  2. Happy update to this thread - The POI got back in touch today to say I would be receiving an official letter of admission soon!
  3. Thanks! Good language suggestions and helps to know I'm not the only one having their hopes raised and dashed.
  4. Brutal. Had a call with a professor for a potential PhD program earlier today to discuss whether I was still interested in the program (I am) and at the end of the call, she said a letter with official offer details would be coming my way soon. I only applied to 3 programs (1 reject/1 pending) so this would have been my first accept. Then a couple hours later, I received an email where the professor clarified that I am actually not accepted - just on the waitlist. Very sad. How to respond without sounding crushed?
  5. Would really appreciate some honest feedback. I'm applying to 3 PhD programs - one in Teaching & Learning, one in Urban Education, and one in Sociology & Education. I feel like my Statement of Purpose is just not hanging together well, but I'm not sure where I am going wrong. I've re-written it probably 3 times and I'm still not happy with it. 1st deadline is fast approaching. Conclusion still needs to be fleshed out with school-specific details. What say you internet? Help! As an admissions reviewer, you will undoubtedly read dozens of essays where applicants attempt to pi
  6. Could definitely use some advice. I'm applying for PhD programs in Urban Education/Sociology and Education with the goal of working as an education researcher. I am currently working as a Senior Research Associate at an educational nonprofit and I basically want to be able to continue to do my job at a more advanced level. I have two of my recommenders secured: the first is my immediate supervisor of 2 years, who holds a PhD herself and can speak to my capacities as a researcher and passion for education. The second is a Research Director of a institute at a nearby university, who I have colla
  7. Zero aid for me as well. Disappointed. Anyone think there's any point in asking them to reconsider? I didn't apply anywhere else so I don't have any competing offers to counter with.
  8. Accepted! Financial aid info to follow in a few days (did everyone's letter say this?). This is the only program I applied to, so I am beyond thrilled and so relieved it's all going to work out.
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