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  1. Thanks Niazche. Just to share my visa was approved! And indeed, they did not ask me for any extra documentation.
  2. Thank you for the feedback Bluemonochrome and Cryss, that's super helpful!
  3. Congratulations! That's great news. I have a F1 visa interview on 24 August and wanted to find out what additional documents might be needed. Did they request info on whether your school is offering hybrid/in person/online courses? And what is the turnaround time for getting your visa accepted?
  4. I saw this yesterday, which is of course adding to the stressfulness of the F1 situation; especially for new student visa applicants.
  5. For Jamaica too! http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/US_Embassy_resumes_processing_student_visas_July_20 Also, seems like there might be more embassies resuming services from 15 july...
  6. That sounds promising. Would you mind sharing updates when you get them please? Im in South Africa, and the US consulate keeps cancelling and rescheduling interview appointments. The next slots are only available in August...
  7. Thank you for the response PokePsych and cafueles, all I can do right now is wait.
  8. I am also waiting for the embassy to open, I am in South Africa and my visa appointment is at the end of June (depending on the embassy re-opening). My concern is about receiving the fellowship stipend internationally, does anyone how that might work (I'm an incoming PhD student)?
  9. The US embassy website in my country says that visa appointments are cancelled till 19 May...
  10. Heard back too 😃! Will PM you
  11. Thanks for the update. best of luck to you too!
  12. Anyone heard from Columbia or Rutgers yet? (Im)patiently waiting...
  13. whoops... thanks Walfred! first time user!
  14. Sorry to hear about the flakey LOR. it can be frustrating. Same thing happened to me. After my one recommender was MIA for two weeks after submission, i emailed director of graduate program told them everything! the director was super chilled and said i still had time to send through my LOR via email to her or through the portal. At that time I emailed my back up recommender to send an email, and she did on that evening, and so did my original recommender - so i have four for that application. So I'd recommend you email the school and let them know what has happened.
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