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  1. hello all, I am one of the applicants of UCLA Luskin School. Haven't heard of them until now, so that i am wondering whether they have finished releasing the admission results. i tried emailed them and called them, but..no reply yet. just want to know if there is anyone heard from the school! Thanks so much!
  2. crying....i didn't receive those emails!!!....did they just miss me out...
  3. Just to post here, anyone heard from Wagner School? I applied to MPA program. The website says that there would be email notification "by 16 March".
  4. quite concerned about that... as I have seen the admission posts on thegradcafe: around 7,8,and 9th were acceptances, and 9, 10th were waitlisted. I haven't heard anything from Harris yet, does it mean that I would be rejected? Seems like they sent out results by "category" (acceptance, waitlist...)
  5. yeah I am also quite concerned about that, since I checked the results on thegradcafe many people had already received acceptance on 8th and 9th, and people after 9th seemed to get wailisted. Does it mean that I would be rejected as I haven't heard anything from them yet....55
  6. me too. I didn't send them my high school transcript and I just got an email saying that I was admitted. Hi Klyn, how would I know whether I was on the Dean's Merit Scholarship list? Is it sent by postal mail? Thanks!
  7. don't know whats "application manager" either. But I do see my GRE score status which is "official received", yet my TOEFL is "Unofficial received" (i am an international applicant). Still wondering what does it mean by "unofficial received" Maybe they would contact us if anything is missing
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