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  1. Crippling Anxiety

    Free/Cheap Econ,Stats,Maths Online Course

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Does anyone else know of any other options?
  2. Crippling Anxiety

    Fels MPA 2012 Applicants

    @ sjw528 - If you don't mind me asking, I have a few questions about Fels (I am hoping you can answer these questions based on your visit) 1) I am under the impression that their incoming full-time MPA class size is extremly small (30-35). Is this true? 2) How big of an endowment do they have as far as scholarships are concerned? Did it seem like they give out a lot of full scholarships? 3) Does their admission decision letter also contain scholarship decisions? 4) Could you kindly share your feelings towards Fels based on your visit? Were you pretty impressed?
  3. Crippling Anxiety

    Fels MPA 2012 Applicants

    When will Fels release the admission decision this year, any insights/educated guesses/random predictions? Looks like some people have heard around March 9 in previous years (based on grad cafe survey results)
  4. Crippling Anxiety

    MPP/MPA/IR with late deadlines?

    I am starting to get nervous and think I need to apply to a few more universities so that I have at least a place to go in the Fall. Anyone aware of any universities (that give generous funding) whose deadlines haven't passed ? I have alerady gotten in a few universities but doesn't look like I will get good financial aids from them. I am not able or willing to pay the full tuition to attend any university (except HKS).
  5. Crippling Anxiety

    2012 GPPI Admissions

    The e-mail they sent (to the 2nd round scholarship applicants) said, "The committee will announce scholarship decisions the week of February 27th". Any predictions what day they will announce the decisions?
  6. Crippling Anxiety

    Fels MPA 2012 Applicants

    Does anyone else's status still say "incomplete"? Also, I haven't received any e-mail from them telling me that my application is complete and has been forwarded. They haven't replied to either of the two emails I sent (I sent the first e-mail on Feb 1 and the second one on Feb 15). Should I be worried?
  7. Crippling Anxiety

    Admission Notification Dates by School?

    School/Program: Fletcher/MALD Admission Notification Date: Mid-March (according to their website and official blog) Scholarship Notification Date: Same as Admission Notification (both are released together) Notification Method: Online (GAMS) Earliest Notification Date (Based on Gradcafe Results Survey): 14th March Other: According to their blog, they won't start uploading the decisions online until Mid-March so it is unlikely that anyone will be notified before that
  8. Crippling Anxiety

    University of Maryland (MPP) 2012

    @ goingbananas - are u serious ? Did they send you an e-mail ? When ?
  9. Crippling Anxiety

    Free/Cheap Econ,Stats,Maths Online Course

    I am trying to find an online economics course that is comparable to this online course offered by SAIS http://www.sais-jhu....omics/index.htm Here is the link to the syllabus http://www.sais-jhu....PE_Syllabus.pdf This course is too expensive for me ($1500). Any suggestions on comparable courses that are cheaper? Looks like SAIS (John Hopkins) has pre-term courses and also provides pre-calculus DVDs to all admitted students. I wish I could get hold of them somehow.
  10. I have been thinking about brushing up my microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics and mathematics knowledge by taking free(or cheap) online classes or reading coursebooks in prepration of MPP/MPA. I don't need to get official credits to gain admissions. Since I completed my bachelors a couple of years ago I feel like I have forgotten everything I studied in college. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any comments on this http://ocw.mit.edu/c...-2011/index.htm Is anyone aware of similar free video courses for macroeconomics, statistics and/or mathematics? or maybe some good free books?
  11. Crippling Anxiety

    University of Maryland (MPP) 2012

    anyone besides bgreenster hear anything from Maryland?
  12. Crippling Anxiety

    University of Maryland (MPP) 2012

    bgreenster - congratulations! Did they update your status under "check application status" on the ASF ? Just trying to figure out if I should be obsessively checking my status on the ASF or just wait until I receive an e-mail.
  13. Crippling Anxiety

    Fels MPA 2012 Applicants

    @ sprinkled.sentiments - I haven'tbeen contacted for an interview. Does that mean anything? Any insights?
  14. Crippling Anxiety

    2012 GPPI Admissions

    Having received the "you have been recommended" e-mail but not the request for a scholarship statement, I have come up with a theory. They only request the scholarship statement from people they are not sure about. For people like me, who they have already decided to give a full scholarship, they don't request a scholarship statement (ha..ha...this is what I am telling myself because the other scenario where they haven't requested the statement from me beacuse they are not going to consider me for scholarships is SCARY!)
  15. Does anyone know anything about School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indiannapolis ? When people talk about the 'pretigious' SPEA in this forum are they referring to SPEA at Indiana University Bloomington or are they referring to SPEA at IUPUI Indiannapolis? I am utterly confused. Please share any insights.

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