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  1. So I got a couple great admits this cycle and was really not expecting to get all acceptances, but needless to say, it feels good. Here's something I've been thinking about for a while, and would love an unbiased/outside opinion. I'm an international student (India) and I'm interested in working with nonprofits eventually, or maybe even private sector consulting. I definitely want to return to India later on, where the salaries are a lot lower compared to the US. I think that Wagner is a great school since they have connections with all the right places, BUT the loan I'd have to take is p
  2. I was having a similar issue trying to decide between USC and a few other schools. I personally suggest Syracuse. I've been working in Singapore/Malaysia for about a year now, and some of the top nonprofits have heard about Syracuse. USC is not very well known in this part of the world (Singapore/India/Malaysia). In fact, if this is of any help, I've spoken to about 4 current students at USC and all 4 seemed very uncertain about job placements after graduation. That made my decision easy.
  3. clover123


    for me it'll be a couple days extra. damn international mail :'(
  4. Sorry I forgot to ask, readyornot - Did they mention anything about assistantships at the open house? I couldn't stay up and watch the streaming that long. haha
  5. I didn't attend the open house, (international student), however I did catch a part of it online through the live streaming. I'm pretty torn too, to be honest. Taking such a huge loan is just something I'm not very comfortable with, so I'm just going to wait and see if I can get a scholarship from my country to be able to afford Wagner, or get some sort of outside funding. What are your other options?
  6. I feel the same way as you. I asked them about merit scholarships but they said that those are awarded only to incoming students. But I didn't ask about assistantships. What did they tell you? I can also manage the money for the 1st year, but for the second year, I would definitely need an assistantship or something, or there's no way I would be able to afford it.
  7. clover123


    Are we going to get email notifications? or by postal mail? I hope it's email otherwise the damn postal mail is going to take an extra week to get to me since I'm in Asia
  8. I'm pretty set on Wagner as well. Spoken to a few people and apparently assistantships are not that rare as compared to other schools, in the 2nd year. Since I'm not in the US right now, house hunting is going to be a pain. Any ideas on where to look?
  9. got $0 as well. Looking into other funding opportunities now.
  10. clover123


    I called their office and someone told me that I didn't have to give them an admission confirmation until they notified me of their decision. April 15th is the date they send out their decision letters. So here's hoping for the best. I applied for their international scholarship.
  11. haha no! I don't have a co-signer either. I don't think we're doomed at all. We just need to keep looking for outside scholarships/grants, if we choose to go to the more expensive schools. I can get about 40,000 for the year too, and I'm sure in the 2nd year we can apply for assistantships etc. But yea, if anyone does know any good resources, please let me know too
  12. I did the picture with the folded hands.. and compared it to underprivileged womens' hands in India, whom I intend to for in the future.
  13. I'm just wondering though.. are we eligible for loans from the US/university? Don't we need a cosigner from the US? Am I missing something? or do I need to ask the university if they offer a loan? I would definitely need to take a loan too, I'm just worried about how much/from which school. ugh! Any help would be appreciated! Too all the indian students here - Those of you who haven't gotten full tuition scholarships or a lot of aid, how are you guys paying?
  14. and you have some pretty amazing work ex If I don't get considerable funding from my outside scholarships and stuff. I'm probably going to defer another year and get more work ex. That definitely helps with funding. Or I'm going to take a shot and just get the loan and work my ass off in the 1st year, to get a research assistant position in the 2nd year. That might be pushing it, but let's see.
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