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  1. invincible49

    Yale Jackson 2019

    I hope its early too. Of all the schools I've applied to this is the one I truly want! I just love the super-flexible program
  2. When did you apply? And did you receive a call via email? Also, do you mind sharing your profile?
  3. invincible49

    CMU Heinz - 2019

    Thats amazing, congratulations! Do you mind sharing your profile with us? I'd love to know what makes a competitive candidate!
  4. When do the interview emails generally go out?
  5. invincible49

    Yale Jackson 2019

    Applied to WWS and HKS (MPP). Couldn't apply to Stanford - just didn't have the time or energy to write a 7 page policy paper. Plus I didn't feel it was a good fit for me. Maybe next time (hopefully not though!)
  6. I don't know about the other aspects of your post but I do HIGHLY recommend Magoosh. They were not only the cheapest but I found their lesson videos, questions and their study plans to be extremely effective. I used it for three months, tried to follow one of their study plan as much as I could and got 323. I'm not the brightest so I do believe with some time (and you have plenty) you can get a 320 too.
  7. invincible49

    Yale Jackson 2019

    Anyone applied or applying for the school this year? I just sent in my application!
  8. Yup that did happen. But other documents still remain unverified. What about yours?
  9. Ive applied. Just submitted the application. EDIT: Slightly confused by how the referral system works. Once you submit your application, an automatic email goes out to the recommender right? My recommender still hasn't got his email. Wondering if I did something wrong?
  10. invincible49

    HKS 2019

    Yup. That is true. I've decided to just try and not think about and it and wait till something happens.
  11. invincible49

    HKS 2019

    Yeah you are right, but I just read on the blog that they've completed one round of all applications. If thats the case wheres my GRE score? I submitted it on November 16 but still doesnt show in the portal. Started to get a little freaked out. Dont know if I should resend my score to the school. Double and triple checked on the ETS website that I've code the right
  12. invincible49

    HKS 2019

    Just a quick question. Does anyone still have their app status as incomplete? I submitted my GRE scores over a month ago but it still hasn't been processed by the university. Secondly, I took the GRE twice in 2014 and 2017. While sending the scores, we have to choose a score to send. I chose the 2017 scores but the HKS will still receive both scores, right? Because I have said in my application that I took GRE twice and in my portal, it says both scores are pending. Should I be paying twice and sending two different scores from ETS to HKS? Can anyone clarify?
  13. invincible49

    WWS Policy Memo Tips?

    Does anyone have any idea on this? Firstly is it even necessary to say TO: WHOEVER, FROM: ME Or can we just introduce a topic and move on form there? My question is, does it have to be addressed to someone?

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