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  1. invincible49

    WWS Policy Memo Tips?

    Does anyone have any idea on this? Firstly is it even necessary to say TO: WHOEVER, FROM: ME Or can we just introduce a topic and move on form there? My question is, does it have to be addressed to someone?
  2. invincible49

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Applying for the first time. 3.5 years of work experience from India, graduated in 2011 and worked in a different sector before doing development work. Bad GPA, 323 on the GRE, A+ in stats and As in micro and macro from UCLA Applying to Harvard, Princeton, Yale Jackson, Duke Sanford and Lee Kuan Yew. Have a draft ready for HKS but working on my Princeton essays right now which are becoming slightly difficult for me.
  3. invincible49

    HKS 2019

    Bump. 2011 grad with a bad GPA. Over 3.5 years of work ex in development. Applying to HKS. My work experience is my real strength here. I have also taken stats, micro and macroecon from UCLA - did well there. Good luck to all
  4. I did at the UCLA extension course and in my opinion you can get A. You do need to dedicate approximately 2-3 hours a week to the course, however. You will have to contribute to weekly discussions and study for two exams. https://www.uclaextension.edu/sciences-math/math-statistics/course/introduction-statistics-and-quantitative-methods-stats-x-402
  5. invincible49

    How do you explain employment gaps on a resume?

    That's what I intend to say. But I don't know how to say it on a resume, if that makes sense? Is there a format for it? In between the chronological work sequence, should I put a break saying "full time student"? Or something like that?
  6. Hey all, I am in the process of applying to grad school this year but I'm really stumped by one question. Juts a brief background: I left one job by the end of June 2017. I took a few months off to study for the GRE (which I gave in October), do an online course and find a new job. By November 2017, I found a new job and started working again by December 2017. How do I address this on a resume? Harvard, for example, specifically states I should address employment gaps in the resume. Ideally I would like to use the optional essay for this but they have clearly mentioned resume. Any ideas?
  7. invincible49

    CV/Resume General Thread

    Bumping for some advice: Any idea how the resume should look in terms of the order? Does the work experience come first? Or education? PS: I have approximately 4 years of experience Include a profile/about me paragraph? Address/Telephone numbers/ Email etc? Do we generally include that below our name? Do we also have to include our GPA?
  8. Hey Guys I am beginning the process of applying to different schools and while looking at the SAIS curriculum, I'm slightly confused. I'm looking to apply to a two-year Masters programme and on the website, I came across the SAIS Master of Arts programme and it's a two year course. Does the IDev specialisation fall into the Master of Arts course? Or is it a specialised two-year degree? Would appreciate some sort of clarity regarding this as I'm not able to judge by looking at the website.
  9. Thank you so much @chocolatecheesecake. Unfortunately I created these bad grades for myself and theres pretty much nothing I can do about it. I am still trying to figure our if I should write the optional essays and try to say that I was immature then and I am trying my best to make for it now. I never realised how ones stupidity in the past (almost 10 years ago) could come back to bite them! Getting a bad GPA is really one of my regrets so far.
  10. @chocolatecheesecake, @went_away, @ExponentialDecay - I would really appreciate any insights. If there are others in the know please do help as well. Thanks!
  11. Program: MPP/MPA/International Development Schools Applying To: HKS, Princeton MPA, Stanford IPS, JHU SAIS, Lee Kuan Yew, Berkley, Berkeley MDP (Maybe a couple more ?) Interests: Mostly interested in grassroots development work, social policy and welfare Undergrad Institution: Local university in India Undergraduate GPA: 6.38/10 Years since Undergrad: 7 Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering GRE: V 157 / Q 166 / AW 4.0 Quantitative Courses: Many Math courses in the undergraduate level (which I did very bad at). Took extension classes this year at UCLA: Stats (A+), Micro, Macro (both A) Age: 29 Languages: English and some Indian languages Work Experience: ~5 years of relevant work experience including about 3.5 years of paid work 2.5 years a public policy researcher at a think tank. I researched government programmes and schemes and saw how they were implemented on the ground. I left my job and have since begun a fellowship where I work on the ground with a Member of Parliament in a rural district. I try to implement schemes and programmes together with the district administration. The fellowship ends in December. Also have a good amount of volunteer experience when I was younger LORs: 2 previous bosses and my MP (maybe) SOPs: Not started yet but I want to focus on my journey of how I went from research to implementation. During my research I saw and recommended many changes to the way things were being done and I chose to pursue my fellowship to see if I could implement the changes I had recommended in the first place. I want to write about that as my motivation and the problems I faced in doing so. Concerns: Terrible GPA. Even though I graduated in 2011, I did have a two Fs in my transcript but overall its a crappy looking grade card. I tried to make up for it and have done well in my GRE and the extension courses. My hope is the adcom will at that positively. Would appreciate any advice/help on whether I'm competitive for the current range of school currently! Thank you!
  12. invincible49

    2018 Results

    It certainly does. Thank you so much! Also you say "These were due in early February. I ended up receiving one of the scholarships for which an extra essay was required. There are some that don't require extra essays, too, just submission of the financial aid form by the deadline." So as I understand it, you applied for many scholarships is that right? Sorry if i'm bothering you but I intend to apply this year so I just want to make sure I don't miss out on anything! @tropisk_winter
  13. invincible49

    2018 Results

    Hello @tropisk_winter, Congrats on all your admissions. Just one question – for HKS, did the school waive the tuition off or did you apply for an external scholarship? It would be extremely helpful if you could shed some light on that.

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