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  1. Hugely indebted to this forum and hope this helps. Anyway here goes: Program Applied To: MPP Schools Applied To: Harvard Kennedy (MPP), WWS (MPA), Yale Jackson (MGA), Duke Sanford (MPP), Lee Kuan Yew (MPP) Schools Admitted To: Harvard Kennedy (MPP), Duke Sanford ($$$) Schools Rejected From: WWS, Jackson, Lee Kuan Yew Undergraduate institution: Engineering institution from India GPA: 6.38/10 with 3 F grades Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering GRE Quantitative Score: 166 GRE Verbal Score: 157 GRE AW Score: 4.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 8 Years of Work Experience: about 4 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Worked two years in engineering sector. After that, shifted to public policy research at a think tank for 2.5 years and did a fellowship in a rural area for 1 year. Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): No idea how good it was but I did keep it very focussed. Wrote about one area I found interesting, how I could solve problems in that area and how the courses in the school can help me solve these problems. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): Don't know, never read any. Did have two supervisors and a senior colleague write them. Other: I had a terrible GPA and I knew that it might be a concern for many schools. So I started prepping to mitigate that weakness in my application. I studied really hard for the GRE and can’t recommend Magoosh enough. At the same time, I also took classes through UCLA Extension. I spent a lot of time on Stats (A+) and Micro and Macro economics (both As). They were time consuming and expensive but I believe they paid off. I believe it showed that I could handle the academic rigour of graduate school and that I was dedicated enough to be part of academics again. I never addressed my low GPA or why I took the courses anywhere in my essay. I felt that space was limited and the adcom would maybe know why I did something. I spent a good amount of time on my essays and kept them very focussed. All essays were modelled around my HKS and WWS essays as they were the first due. I followed all advise on the HKS blogpost to the T. I thought it was very useful to write a short, coherent essay and I believe it helped. My advise is do not rush. If you feel that something about your application was weak (maybe work ex, GPA, GRE etc), try to address it even if it ends being slightly expensive or time consuming because in the end, that might be the difference between being accepted or not. Many people urged me to apply after 2 years but I am glad I waited an extra year to serve in a rural area as I feel that too helped bolster my application. Further, I got a lot of advise on this forum regarding online courses— in fact, one person did tell me bluntly that with my GPA, I was not at all competitive for any top school unless I addressed it. I did do that with extension courses and would urge others also to invest a good amount of time to send in a good application. I would rather not send in a haphazard application hoping to get lucky. If I was in anyone else shows, I would wait and send in a strong application the next year. Good luck to all
  2. MPP Applicants (or anyone admitted), I just wanted to get some small information. Does it say "Your admission and registration for the fall are contingent upon receipt of all required official admission documents. Please arrange to have official transcripts and any other required documents delivered to our office..." in your offer letter irrespective or whether you submitted your application or not? The reason I'm wondering if everyone has this paragraph is that I am thinking if this turns into a Conditional offer of admission rather than unconditional-- which would be very bad news for a scholarship application of mine. If everyone has that in their letter I think I might be safe. Anyone willing to help out?
  3. Deciding Between: Im an international student from India and I now have to decide between HKS and Sanford- both for the MPP. Harvard Kennedy ($0): A curriculum I really like plus the brand name. Duke Sanford ($$): Offered a tuition waiver of $32k per year. That was the reason I applied here and got it. Decision: Can't believe it but I am leaning towards HKS. I feel like being an international student, I need the backing of a big name if in case I don't get a job in America and have to come back to India (or look for another job in Canada, Australia, Africa etc). I don't think with Duke I can leverage the name outside of the US- I just feel I will be back where I was in India albeit at a slightly better position than when I started out. I feel as if HKS can elevate my career more than Duke. I know I will be in some form of debt for a few years but isn't that a risk worth taking? My family are urging me to take the risk and go to HKS. They are even offering to help me offset some loans but am I crazy here? Any thoughts?
  4. That is true. I think we just have to make a choice and things hope for the best in July.. Im in a similar boat with HKS and Duke- Duke even gave me some tuition off
  5. Anyone applying for this? After being receiving no aid from HKS, I have to try my best to get some financial aid...Anyone else putting in an application?
  6. Thanks alot for this! Any idea when results are usually out for this? I already have an offer from Duke (2/3 scholarship) and I want to apply for the JJWB too. But I'm guessing if I want to proceed with the JJ, i have to say no to Duke right? And then hope that I get the world bank scholarship in the future. Is that how this works?
  7. We can still apply for the JJWBGSP scholarships right now, right? It says that the deadline for the scholarship is April 15th if I remember correctly. Anyone know the procedure for that?
  8. Haven't heard anything so I'm going to assume that its a rejection and tomorrow I'll be opening the email as just a formality?
  9. Rejected. Dejected. Was my top choice
  10. In with $32,000/year. Man this is the first university I heard from. So happy. Im from India.. still wondering how much I have to take a loan for. Any ideas? Do living expenses really amount to $20k per year?
  11. Could someone call? Is that an option? EDIT: Gave the school a call- Anytime from next week to mid-march Sigh, not as soon as everyone hoped but atleast we get some sort of clarity..
  12. Anyone with any idea when results for Yale are declared? Last year it was 23rd Feb.. and going by other posts, Yale FES has already declared theirs (last year FES was March 6th I think)... ugh the anxiety is killing me
  13. I hope its early too. Of all the schools I've applied to this is the one I truly want! I just love the super-flexible program
  14. When did you apply? And did you receive a call via email? Also, do you mind sharing your profile?
  15. Thats amazing, congratulations! Do you mind sharing your profile with us? I'd love to know what makes a competitive candidate!
  16. Applied to WWS and HKS (MPP). Couldn't apply to Stanford - just didn't have the time or energy to write a 7 page policy paper. Plus I didn't feel it was a good fit for me. Maybe next time (hopefully not though!)
  17. I don't know about the other aspects of your post but I do HIGHLY recommend Magoosh. They were not only the cheapest but I found their lesson videos, questions and their study plans to be extremely effective. I used it for three months, tried to follow one of their study plan as much as I could and got 323. I'm not the brightest so I do believe with some time (and you have plenty) you can get a 320 too.
  18. Anyone applied or applying for the school this year? I just sent in my application!
  19. Yup that did happen. But other documents still remain unverified. What about yours?
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