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  1. Havent heard from them after I sent my acceptance confirmation. When will they let us know further?
  2. So seems lk thr r high chances we mite hear of the outcome over the next 2 days!!!!
  3. Hey CreamTea, did you hear from Ms Tan (that they will write this week) sometime recently or was this something she said around the time of tests??
  4. Has anyone heard anything from the school about the admission decision yet??
  5. Thanks ASEANdumpling. ajienaissant, how did your test go? I was just wondering what kind of questions did they ask in the interview and what kind of specific questions were asked in maths test?? Thanks
  6. Thanks ASEANdumpling. You post is really helpful. Even I was thinking Maths will be very basic but from what you say it seems different. I have not heard anything from them about test/interview till now. I hope I can still expect to hear from them throughout March. When did they inform you about the test? Are the test and interview conducted in a single session? Good Luck.
  7. Hi I hope there are people on this forum who have applied for MPP at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. I think, mostly, the written test and/or interviews are scheduled for March. Lets use this forum to stay in touch and provide updates on whether anyone has received emails/calls for the test and interview. Thanks
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