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  1. I've only gotten a "thanks for your deposit." I'm sure more is to come
  2. I agree with your sentiment about underestimating yourself for top tier programs! I wish I had found this site before I began the application process, because I would have digested how differently the grad school process is from undergrad. Though my peers/coworkers with graduate degrees told me it was easier to get into grad school than college, I didn't really believe them until I received some surprising acceptances. I truly thought I was only going to get into my safety school, but ended up getting in everywhere. Though, to be clear, I was not offered as much funding as others on here with stronger packages, the process proved to me that these programs really look at the whole person as opposed to stats and check boxes. Another factor that stopped me from applying to certain programs (namely, WWS, HKS and Goldman) was becoming overwhelmed by their application questions and admissions sites, which made me feel totally unqualified and like I didn't have enough time to finish the apps. I suspect that -- at least to some extent -- schools strategically exaggerate the process to weed people out. Ultimately, I don't regret my application decisions because I am extremely happy with the program I have chosen (Sanford). However, I do wish I hadn't been so self-deprecating about the process: it was simply untrue and unnecessary. My suggestions to future applicants are: 1) Go for the big ones! Why not?? The worst that could happen is you're rejected (and out $80 in app fees...) 2) Do NOT get attached to the ways in which top tier programs inflate themselves 2) Start your applications early so you feel confident 3) Knock out the daunting applications first You can do it!
  3. Congrats!! Ford will be very lucky to have you!
  4. Hi there! Congrats on your acceptances! While I can't help you with your career crisis, I can certainly empathize, as I was in your exact position 1.5 years out of college. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do and it was very stressful at times. You are already on a great track, though (I worked in retail for 3 years out of college, so kudos to you!). I am also interested in the same policy areas as you :). Regarding Goldman vs SIPA, I can speak to the quality of life question as I went to college in NYC and currently live in the Bay Area. Insanely enough, living in Berkeley will be more expensive than NYC. However expensive you anticipate the Bay to be, it is even more expensive than that! Berkeley is very urban and quite challenging to navigate (no parking EVER). However, there is a ton of nature and even more nature about 2 hours away; it is an exceedingly beautiful surrounding area. The area of NYC that Columbia is in is actually pretty peaceful for Manhattan and has some quality housing options, while Berkeley is experiencing a housing crisis. I know people who attend who have two other people in their bedroom. Another good thing about the Columbia neighborhood is that everything you need is in walking distance, so you might not feel the hustle and bustle as much as you'd expect from NYC. Maybe most importantly, though, if you are interested in racial justice, Berkeley will be an exciting community for you: there is a lot of campus activism and myriad nonprofits in the East Bay focused on civil rights. Hope this helps!
  5. I applied! SPEA seems like a fantastic school and being in such a large research university is definitely a plus. I really like the midwest. My mom went to IU undergrad and LOVED it--granted, this was in the 70s. Negatives for me were: proximity to where I want to work after school and the fact that it was an MPA (I was really hoping for an MPP because my quant skills need a lot of help!).
  6. No funding for me. Looks like I'm going to Duke, folks!
  7. I’m in too! Show me the $. Lol. Congrats all.
  8. Boo. We all better get accepted and lots 'o' $ as compensation for our patience
  9. I hear you! Looks like Berkeley released their results, so this is particularly frustrating. Maybe they forgot???
  10. Here's how they rank in different public affairs categories for 2019. Maybe you were looking at the public policy analysis category, in which case you are correct: they are not ranked in 2019. # 3 overall public affairs # 5 environmental policy / management # 1 health policy and management # 2 international global policy and admin # 5 public management and leadership # 2 social policy # 6 urban policy
  11. Yes, we must remain optimistic! I think these schools try to give us ulcers before we even start class as some sort of Darwinian test...
  12. Hi there, just received a 50% tuition funding offer...hope your admissions decisions come in soon!
  13. The wait is making me a very ineffective employee.
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