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  1. cactus_taco

    Tips on Negotiating Offers

    I think you should send in your request now and ask to meet in person during the visit day. That way they have time to review it, and they know for sure you’re serious about them! And if in the meantime someone ups their offer, all the more leverage to use that to get more money at your first choice.
  2. cactus_taco

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    Hi! Great choices. I share your concern about WWS, as I myself am trying to decide on the best place to go for a career outside the US (I didn't apply to Stanford. My other option is the kennedy's MPA/ID). Looking at your pros and cons, I think wws should get more credit for funding and cohort. maybe there is such a thing as too small of a cohort?? Every single student/alum from the wws mpa program tells me the community/individual attention is one of the best part of the education. I would also add that given the relative new nature of the stanford program, it has a weaker alumni base - which is a distinct disadvantage for networking. Though I think wws is a bit domestic-heavy, the selection of policy workshops, the fields of studies (3/4 are non-domestic), and career placement all suggest a high level of emphasis on international work. One of my goals going into the hosting weekend is to learn a bit more about the strength of its international coursework, and its "reach" outside the US (in terms of alum presence). Hopefully someone else familiar with stanford can comment more specifically about the program!
  3. cactus_taco

    Decision time: share your dilemma

    Hi! You look like you have a great profile. I second your thought that minimizing debt should be your top priority. Just a thought, have you submitted the aid reconsideration form to Harris? Given your offer elsewhere, especially Duke, there is a good chance Harris can up their offer. Getting 25k from Harris is no small feat!! You could specify an amount you're looking for (10k seems appropriate), and see what they are wiling to give. I live in the Chicago area. It's not super expensive (rent near hyde park is very manageable), compared to the west coast. Plus Harris has a super strong domestic policy program. If there's anything specific to Chicago you would like to know, feel free to message me and I'll try to find the answer.
  4. cactus_taco

    HKS to WWS Visit Travel Plans

    Do we know when the wws programming starts on Saturday? In a similar situation, but going up to Boston instead for the mpa/id visit day on Monday. Friends tell me taking the train is the way to go. I’ll be at sais too on Wednesday, but have not hear much about their open house. Happy to travel together with others on the same schedule!
  5. cactus_taco

    WWS Fall 2019

    Anyone going to the hks mpa/Id open house on Monday?
  6. cactus_taco

    HKS 2019

    Wow I got the public service scholarship! I am befuddled... and puts it in real competiton with wws. can’t wait for the open house!
  7. cactus_taco

    HKS 2019

    In for MPA ID as well! Wow, dream news after getting news from wws yesterday
  8. cactus_taco

    Moderated content?

    Okay, thanks for the explanation!
  9. cactus_taco

    Moderated content?

    Hi all! I am pretty new to the grad cafe. I’m wondering when do I no longer need moderator approval before my comments get posted? It makes it tough to carry on a time-sensitive conversation Thank you!
  10. cactus_taco

    WWS Fall 2019

    I got the email too! Wow someone read my application and believed in me!
  11. cactus_taco

    WWS Fall 2019

    It varies. In past years, the site has said "around the 15th" but decisions were out earlier. Not sure about this year though! I saw someone mention this SIPA blog post on the anxiety of waiting. I really liked the post. http://admissionsblog.sipa.columbia.edu/2019/03/09/the-waiting-game-2/
  12. cactus_taco

    WWS Fall 2019

    New blog post! http://wws.princeton.edu/admissions/wws-blog/item/decisions-will-be-their-way-shortly
  13. cactus_taco

    WWS Fall 2019

    Same! The last 3 weeks are the hardest. The wws blog is woefully bare compared to hks, which doesn't quite help settle admissions nerves.
  14. Finally made an account! In my opinion, the question is more to help the schools improve their recruiting strategy than to evaluate applicants. Knowing where else applicants are applying can help the school gauge who their "competitors" are, assess their standing, and adjust any recruiting methods to better stand out among all the schools. It seems unlikely that schools would punish applicants for casting a wide pool, and I think it's also a stretch for them to draw inference on who is the applicant's top choice/second etc. If you are a good candidate, each school would want to admit you! That is to say - don't stress too much about answering honestly vs. not. Do whichever makes you more comfortable. The impact on admissions might be minimal.

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