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  1. I'll be at Chicago Harris, for the MPP. Good luck to all!
  2. Hello! First of all, thank you all so much for your insight on the forum. It’s been so helpful throughout this process. Basically, my dilemma is deciding wether or not to wait for grad school. I have two years of Peace Corps experience in the economic development sector (West Africa), as well as 6mo doing research for a UN agency (in China) right after graduating from college. I got into a bunch of programs (SIPA, Wagner, Ford, McCourt), but all with $15-$20,000 aid. The best deal I currently have is $20,000/year at Chicago Harris, putting my tuition debt load at graduation around
  3. In! But no word on funding. Congrats to all.
  4. Rejected at Yale. There was a gigantic applicant pool and so few spots, so I’m not too bummed. Congrats to everyone accepted, you’re going to have a wild ride and I’m proud of all y’all!
  5. I just checked my portal and didn't see anything about MPP decisions. Hopefully soon!
  6. @Tk2356 Thank you! That's great advice, I'll give it all some thought. In terms of applications, in your experience do you think it's better to try to pair it down to 5 or so schools, or put out as many as possible to help negotiate funding down the road? I'm looking at the list of places I could apply now and am a little daunted by the sheer volume. That said I'm not really sure how to pair it down to the schools I should be focusing on. Also, and I don't know if you'd know this since I haven't seen much about it on the forum (though I am a newbie), is it true that Yale Jackson is as com
  7. Hello! As is the case with a lot of people here I've been reading the forum religiously for the last couple of weeks and you all have provided valuable insight in this process. I hope to contribute in the future, and thank you all in advance for taking a look at my profile! I'm mostly curious if you think I'm setting my sights too high, and what, if any, schools you think I should focus on in particular. Schools Applying To: Columbia SIPA, Chicago Harris, Duke Sanford, Princeton WWS, HKS, Berkeley, & Michigan Ford. My top choices would be Stanford IPS or SAIS, and obviously WWS for t
  8. @Nonprofitguy Thank you! That was exactly the information I was looking for. One question though, what do you mean by "Majority of non-HBS MBA students (basically 90%+) end up doing MBA/MPA at HKS because of the flexibility. Although HKS looks to be changing this somewhat"? Non HBS MBA students from where? Thanks!
  9. @Damis So wait, you're going to apply to an MBA while in your first year at HKS? How does that work when you get accepted for Fall 2019 and you're starting your second year at HKS? Or would you just try to split time between Harvard and like MIT for the MBA? Just curious how that would work being a simultaneous student in both programs. I'm so torn this application cycle. I'm definitely interested in both MBA/MPP programs as they'll each get me where I want to be career-wise, but I'd also like to go wherever I get into the best program. I'm working in community economic development f
  10. @Damis Do you feel like you’re more likely to get into an MBA program at Harvard applying from HKS than you would otherwise be? That would make sense, but I’ve always been curious what that feels like from the inside.
  11. Hello! I've been a lurker for the past couple of weeks as I prepare for the 2018-19 application cycle, and this forum has been incredibly valuable. Since the application season is pretty much over, I thought this would be a good time to ask a question that's been on my mind for the last few months: was anyone else who eventually applied to an MPP/MPA program deciding between one of those programs and an MBA? I feel like almost daily my thought process changes. A little bit of background about me: I am an American currently working in international development in sub-Saharan Africa. I abso
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