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  1. There are a few programs that require at least a basic background in stats/economics. Did you retake the class for a passing grade to receive credit? If not, I highly recommend taking at least a basic intro to microeconomics or intro to statistics as a non-degree seeking student at a local college (or through an online course). I got a C in a microeconomics course sophomore year and then retook it 6 years later during my application cycle and got an A, which I am sure helped. A lot of applications have the option to explain low grades/extenuating circumstances in a personal addendum or some request that you include it in your personal statement. I'd look closer at what the programs you are interested in require.
  2. kayemeh

    Programs without GMAT/GRE

    George Washington and American University don't require the GRE for their MPP programs
  3. I'm hoping to get the opinion of internet strangers who are unbiased on my situation. Factors: I was accepted to School A (no funding) Wait listed at School B. School B is my top choice. I have been offered a prestigious internship for the Fall contingent upon being a graduate student (at any school) The Issue: I have a deposit in at School A because I did not want to wait all summer for School B to dangle the possibility of a wait list admission and not have anywhere to go in the Fall. School A and School B are in the same city. I would be leaving my full time job and moving to another city to attend school and the internship is unpaid. My heart is set on School B and I intend on applying again next cycle, regardless of my status at School A. However, my conundrum is is it even worth going to School A for the Fall just to keep the internship and rack up tuition + living expenses loans? My thought is even if I am denied/wait listed again at School B I will still be admitted and pursuing a degree somewhere. Or should I just forget the internship and defer to the spring semester at School A with hopes of transferring credits in the Fall to School B if I'm admitted?
  4. Twiddling my thumbs on the Georgetown McCourt waitlist over here.
  5. I think you'd be a good fit for GU MSFS & SAIS. Grad school admissions is far less a numbers game than undergrad. I had a lower GPA (albeit more work experience) but still got into good programs. If you're applying for Fall 2019, start talking to admissions at your choice schools and get an idea of what their Fall 2018 cohorts look like so you have numerical data to compare yourself to.
  6. kayemeh

    McCourt 2018

    Congratulations! I've sent in a letter of renewed interest to the admissions team with updated grades and such, so I'm hoping I get a positive response.
  7. kayemeh

    Movies and TV to distract us while we wait...

    I have a deposit down, but on waitlist for my dream school. I've started re-watching The X-Files and will probably re-watch the The West Wing over the summer too. (I mean, I am applying to MPP programs after all )
  8. kayemeh

    McCourt 2018

    That's so funny, I was at the Boston idealist fair AND the Boston McCourt reception, so we probably met.
  9. kayemeh

    McCourt 2018

    Oh, I wasn't aware we could submit new materials! Did you happen to talk to the Admissions Director with the initials I.J.?
  10. kayemeh

    McCourt 2018

    Has anyone heard of any waitlist movement or talked to admissions? I got a very generic "we take people off the waitlist until August" but no clear picture of what the waitlist looked like
  11. kayemeh

    McCourt 2018

    Waitlisted for MPP. I'm hoping after 4/15 spots start to open. This is my top choice.
  12. kayemeh

    2018 Results

    Schools Applied To: American University, George Mason, Georgetown Schools Admitted to: American (no $), George Mason (no $) Schools Waitlisted: Georgetown Undergraduate institution: private liberal arts school Undergraduate GPA: 2.77 Undergraduate Major: International Relations GRE Quantitative Score: 138 (so embarrassing to type that out) GRE Verbal Score: 148 GRE AW Score: 4 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 6 Years of Work Experience: 6 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Currently, I work as a paralegal. I have campaign experience as well as internship experience in US government.. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): One from a professor I have assisted with a publication at the graduate level. The other was from my supervisor who had me write a draft of the letter I wanted and she edited and submitted. The second is from a State Representative I have worked closely with over the years and served as a mentor. Other: I had abysmal GRE's, but I wrote a very compelling SOP as well as an application addendum detailing personal hardship that accounted for my low UGPA. I also have a year's worth of graduate coursework (finishing a certificate in May) with a 4.0 GPA so I am assuming that helped. Decision: I am definitely leaning towards American but if I get off the waitlist to Georgetown, I'll absolutely go there. It's my dream program.
  13. I have scheduled a visit to my top choice program. When I originally scheduled the visit, I had indicated an interest in observing a class. But it is their Spring Break week. However, the admissions director offered herself for an informational interview. I've visited two schools this year, but both have been after I submitted my application and the school had extended the invitation. With this visit, I just want to make sure I make the most of my visit. Since it is an individualized visit, would a thank you card be appropriate? I tend to be old fashioned and prefer physical cards over emails but I don't want to overstep a boundary. Have any of you done anything similar?
  14. I'm waiting it out too! Field/Program: Public Policy, MPP Schools: George Mason University, American University, Georgetown, & Brandies University Status? Provisionally accepted at GMU. Invited to attend a travel reimbursed top prospect day last weekend for AU. Application for Georgetown isn't due until 4/1 so I haven't worked on that yet.
  15. Program: MPP Schools Applying To: Georgetown McCourt, George Mason Schar School, American University SPA, UVA Batten Interests: health policy (global, infectious disease, & rural), social policy Undergrad Institution: small private liberal arts school in VA Undergraduate GPA: 2.77 (addressing in SOP and/or supplemental materials) Undergraduate Major: International Relations Graduate GPA: 4.0 – currently enrolled in a graduate certificate program in Global Post-Disaster Studies in a top ranked homeland security program GRE: TBD taking in October/November Quantitative Courses: Statistics, Microeconomics Age: 27 Languages: English, sporadic Spanish (reading proficiency is higher than verbal) Work Experience: 4 ½ years as a paralegal, US Senate internship, paid full time campaign staffer in battleground state during 2012 presidential election, various other paid campaign positions in finance and field in both state and national level races, undergraduate research assistant to a professor focusing on health policy LORs: One from program director of current graduate program, one from partner/owner of the law firm I’m employed by, and another from a well-connected current elected official SOPs: Work in progress Publications and Honors: Working with current program director of graduate program on a manuscript focused on empowering Afghan women to be included in his upcoming book focused on Rebuilding Afghanistan. Also presenting at a conference in January 2018 on my independent research focused on the spread of infectious disease in disaster situations Concerns: Honestly, my undergrad GPA. I graduated in 2012, have professional work experience and have excelled in my current graduate coursework. I am from the Appalachia region (hence my interest in rural policy), worked my way through undergrad, and have some personal issues that I will address in my SOP/supplemental materials.

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