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  1. 1. If you're seriously considering Harvard, you need some decent work/internship experiences. Your current location in DC is great for getting these kinds of internships. I'd target the State Department's program if you're interested in that foreign policy type experience. Take Microeconomics; must policy programs require at least some coursework in that before applying to their programs. Statistics will be very helpful, as I know through a friend attending Kennedy that your first year is very stats heavy. Also start saving your course syllabi - Harvard requires a quant resume separate from yo
  2. I'm attending the full time program with $0 aid, so I completely understand why you'd want to defer. I would definitely ask the Admissions/Financial Aid offices if you can add additional items to your application package in order to receive a higher scholarship offer in Fall 2020. They tell you any aid package you receive won't necessarily follow you if you defer since you'd be competing with that year's applicants for funding.
  3. kayemeh

    Roanoke, VA

    I am from Roanoke! Lived there for 22 years and went to Roanoke College in Salemfor undergrad. It's definitely changed a lot from when I was a kid. It's so up and coming now. The cheap cost of living is very attractive for sure. The area just got their Amtrak station back so it's much easier to travel now as the airport is awful. All of my family + friends are still there and I go home multiple times a year. If you have any specific questions, definitely message me!
  4. I'm in! This was my first choice so I'll hopefully be seeing you all on the Hilltop this Fall!
  5. Were you waitlisted for DSPP? I haven't seen MPP notifications come out
  6. haha I know! I just asked if there was a general date as I will be out of the country with no email access for a few days beginning tomorrow. which, in retrospect, will probably be healthy for me 😂
  7. I cracked and called admissions. A student was covering the phones as they were in a meeting so hopefully meeting about decisions??
  8. Same, it looked like years past have been between 3/4- and 3/8
  9. Anyone who got an admissions decision, was it for MPP?
  10. Their program is all at night which is good if you are planning to work or intern during the day. I was given no funding from them as they base all of their funding decisions based on undergraduate GPAs (last time I inquired, it was 3.5) even though I've been out of undergrad for 7 years and I had a 4.0 in the graduate degree I already have. I deferred for obvious reasons; to apply to other programs.
  11. I looked three years worth of results and it seems next week or the first week of March. I'm crossing my fingers! I've had pretty good luck reaching out to the via email, so you may want to try that. They have a general grad mail address
  12. This is on my backup list because i'm local to the school & they have a pretty far out final deadline. If you don't mind, can you post your stats?
  13. Applied by the 1/5 priority deadline. And now I wait......... ?
  14. That must be a new thing this year, I don't remember seeing that on the applications page last cycle.
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