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  1. Has anyone heard any additional information about this? I contacted the grad financial aid department in regards to a scholarship increase and they told me to contact Julie Ito. I am still awaiting for a response to my email.
  2. 1. My husband is not a big fan of online forums. He was raised in a rural area without access to bandwidth so he didn't grow up using forums like reddit or thegradcafe to gain information. I found this forum and I thought it was a good place to ask for advice. 2. My husband has always had a love for the public sector. He wants to master the legal and policy analysis skills necessary to have a career in policy making. The flexibility and prestige of Georgetown gives him the best chance to reach these goals. (Mainly GULC has been his dream school.) a. My husband is focusing on immigra
  3. I am writing this on behalf of my spouse who is an underrepresented minority (URM) Latino looking to apply to graduate schools. We are currently living in Washington DC, so he is apply for a 4 year dual degree program from Georgetown MPP & GULC JD. Can y'all give us some advice or suggestions to boost his chances for grad schools and some insight in their MPP programs. In law school admissions, URMs get a huge boost in their admission chances and higher scholarships. Does the same hold true for MPP programs? He has not taken the GRE and will apply with his LSAT score. In law school ad
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