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  1. So it definitely seems like it is a school policy thing. My current situation is that the program webpage says F1 or J1 is available for grad students within the program and doesnt specify any requirements that are different for J-1. The international department then says nope, we do not issue J-1 to students like you. Do you guys think it is reasonable to ask them for some sort of guidelines that they use? I am sure there is some kind of document that describes the actual requirements/decision making in more detail besides " you do not meet our requirements". Of course I understand it wi
  2. Haha no poor phrasing, I am just freaking out so I wanted to double check. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi!! Thank you so much for responding! Now I have another silly question - does this mean that I need to give my decision on the 14th? From all of my previous correspondence I assumed this is including the 15th! Would this mean that on Monday morning my offer is canceled?
  4. Hi guys, I think this may be a silly question, but oh well. As an international student, I am not quite sure how common is it to wait until the last minute to give your final decision? I have anticipated that by this time I would know where I am going, but I just can't decide between two options and it is driving me crazy. I am starting to get worried that I now look like an asshole to both programs no matter what I will do. I am thinking that the program I will pick will think they were my safety choice, and the other one will think I was waiting for better offer. Neither is true, but I woul
  5. Hi guys, I hope to revive this thread a bit and find somebody that was able to receive J1 visa for their PhD, or that knows such person/case. :( One of the universities that accepted me guarantees funding for full 5 years. However, they say they still can not issue J-1 to me based on these: https://j1visa.state.gov/programs/college-and-university-student 2nd condition: "be carried out according to an agreement between the U.S. government and a foreign government, or according to a written agreement between American and foreign educational institutions, an American educatio
  6. Hi there, you mentioned that living outside of Charleston may be much cheaper than living within the city. I am ready to invest in a reliable car and do not mind commuting 30-45minutes. I am not sure if these are just scams, but it appears that living further away can mean having an ok 2 bedroom house for barely 1000$, that's including water/gas/electricity and internet. Coming from Amsterdam, that sounds like heaven. I was guaranteed a tuition waiver and health insurance. Do you think 28.500$ year is an ok stipend for my situation, or is it likely that I will struggle? In addition,
  7. zuska

    Roanoke, VA

    Thank you, that's very helpful! 👍
  8. zuska

    Roanoke, VA

    I was offered 27.5k so almost the same amount as you. I am also a bit worried it may not be enough, but I know it is not too bad for that area.
  9. zuska

    Roanoke, VA

    Thank you very much for your response! I have read that there is/was a problem with a lot of empty buildings and crime so I am a bit sad that you can confirm this is true. Other than that Roanoke seems really great to me! Which areas specifically would you avoid? I have read that Melrose Ave is not good. Thanks again!
  10. zuska

    Roanoke, VA

    Hi guys, I am thinking of accepting an offer from Virginia Tech and I was hoping to hear from somebody that is based in Roanoke. I am aware that VTech is mainly located in Blacksburg, but I would most likely be based in Roanoke where Fralin and Carilion research institutes are located. Based on my internet research I really really think I would love this city, but it would be great to hear from somebody that lives/lived there. Thanks in advance for any comments
  11. Hi, thank you for your response! I would be at the Burnaby campus. I heard that students typically do not use cars because the public transport is great, but not having a car when you own a 50kg dog is not really an option . Honestly I also can not imagine life without a car (even if I would traveled to SFU by bus), we had car even in The Netherlands which is a tiny country with well working public transport. I have purposely called my boyfriend a "partner" - while he is still just a boyfriend we have already lived together for over 4 years and will likely just sign the paper to make t
  12. Hi all, I hope to revive this topic a bit and hear from somebody that is familiar with Vancouver. I have been accepted to SFU with a stipend of 21.000 CAD a year. Now, most of the people claim that is totally fine and one person can live on that. But I am starting to have serious doubts about this. The housing situation in Vancouver seems at least as bad as in Amsterdam and even tiny basement units are quite expensive. Canadian dollar is also weaker than US dollar, yet every US university that I applied to offers more in much smaller and cheaper cities. Unfortunately, I will not be
  13. Hi all, I am hoping to revive this topic and hear from somebody that actually traveled to an interview in USA on ESTA. While UMaine had no problem with me coming and actually were very welcoming about it, Virginia Tech told me that unfortunately international students can not visit due to visa limitations. They know which country I am from (They have a copy of my passport) and so I am now worried whether there indeed is some sort of rule that does NOT allow you to use ESTA for university visits? I can not find any clear information about this. Of course, I have also asked VTech where did
  14. Hi guys, did anybody apply for Translational biology, medicine and health at Virginia Tech and heard from them? ?
  15. Hi there, I am also an international student and I got my bachelor degree in the US. My undergrad GPA is 3.76 and I am also currently in a masters program (in Europe), I have around 3 years of research experience and I am a co-author on two papers. I think part of the problem may be your choice of programs, lot of them are quite fancy They have so many applicants to choose from that you can hardly be sure you will get in, I think you also need a bit of luck... I have also selected many high profile programs, but my previous supervisor advised me to only select a couple and add some "safety" s
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