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  1. The program is actually one of the best and most well-known, so in that sense I'm good. I would be looking at it just as I would other programs since the experience would be different from undergrad. I also left almost four years ago so who knows what has changed since then. Thank you for the input!
  2. I'm starting to consider going back to school for my PhD, so for now this question is more just to see what people think. I absolutely loved my undergrad institution, but I had the mindset of going somewhere else for grad school for a change in atmosphere, pool of people to work with, etc. when I could've stayed where I was. I now have my MS and no regrets about the institution I moved to - it was the perfect program for me and I don't believe I would've had the chance to find my concentration (which I am beyond in love with) at other programs I applied to. How would it look to go back to
  3. 1. Researcher for the federal government (NOAA, EPA, etc.). Apparently I don't have enough non-school experience under my belt yet. 2. Researcher for a university. I have a far better chance with this one, I just haven't landed such a job yet. 3. The next star of Animal Planet/Discovery Channel/etc. Come on, that'd be so fun, running around the world and talking about what I love. 4. Environmental policy in DC. Not that I have any background in policy but it seems so interesting.
  4. RNadine21

    In A Pickle

    To make this story as short as possible, let's go bullet point style - I earned my Master's this May, and since then have been working two part-time jobs. Both are in my field and both are temporary. - I got a full-time job which requires me to move back home (still waiting to hear when, and so far it's a verbal acceptance). I'm not excited about this job. It's in my field but not exactly where I want to be (I do know there is room for growth though). I'll be making less than I am now in a much more expensive area. - Now all the sudden other opportunities are popping up. One application
  5. So I've graduated with my sparkling new degree. I currently have two temporary part-time jobs in my field, one in research and one in education (which I honestly love - the combination!). However, my life will be back to a huge question mark come the end of September. I've been constantly applying to jobs but I'm thinking of reaching out to my undergraduate advisor to catch up/see if she has any leads. I can't figure out how to word the email...I guess what it really comes down to is this sense of....guilt(?) I have about emailing her when we haven't communicated in two years about help with t
  6. Things are starting to fall into place career-wise :)

  7. I'm interested in Savannah for a possible job offer. I'm starting a summer position in my current town (Charleston) that has the possibility of leading to a full-time position in Savannah. Does anyone know much about the town? I know it's very similar to Charleston but I'd like to know more about the neighborhoods and such. I'm just curious in case things go the way I'd like them to go
  8. And to add/answer some questions: 1. Everyone else on the committee was set on me passing my defense, graduating this semester, etc. There were just a lot of instances where this person kept on going off about something instead of just saying "Yes", resolving an issue, and then fine, continue with your rant. Example: it took over a week to schedule my defense because he suddenly became insistent on being physically present (he works in another state) and instead on saying "Yes, this date works" and ending the situation, it dragged on for days because he'd talk about the thesis or just say
  9. Thank you everyone for your supportive words. 1. Long story short, I successfully defended and am graduating in two weeks! 2. Difficult person was somewhat annoying but oddly cooperative in person. We sat down together and discussed his thesis comments and I realized that had he been clearer I would've realized that most of his comments were "take it or leave it" and that there were only a couple of bigger issues that we settled right then. 3. My entire committee is done with him. My advisor will definitely never work with him again, and one person has one as far as vowing to vote
  10. About a year ago I wrote on this blog about an especially difficult committee member. This person is notorious for being a pain and causing trouble and stress. Everyone knows this - students, faculty, and staff. This person is basically on my committee because he was on the grant that my project is based on, and my advisor even warned me that he would be the most difficult person I would be working with. I'm defending my thesis next week and am done with everyone's thesis comments but his. Basically, I've spent this semester feeling bullied. my graduation was pushed back a semester due to
  11. Are there other types of assistantships? My school has graduate assistantships which range from office work to taking care of grounds to taking care of entire residence halls. See if there's anything like that. I even have a friend in my program who created her own GA (granted it was for a project that we already knew about and that she was in change of anyways, she just convinced the grad school to pay her for it). Also, see if there are research assistantships.
  12. Not even gonna lie, this is when I usually call my mom in tears. Lately she's switched tactics from the "You can't quit, you love what you're doing" to "OK, quit and come home then" to which I start yelling that I can't quit, I've come too far and accomplished too much to stop now. She's a sneaky, sneaky, smart lady.
  13. My friend is currently a Big Sister and she loves it. She is not a perfect person (P.S. no one is, so please don't think you have to be), but she is fun, loving, and engaging. As we're grad students, she doesn't have a lot of money to toss around and sticks to things like craft projects and trips to the park. I'm sorry I don't know more about the process personally, but after every "date" with her Little, my friend is beaming with happiness and can't wait to tell us about her day
  14. I'm taking three weeks off, and honestly I was surprised I could get away with that. But there's nothing at the lab to do right now. Besides, I've been getting a lot of financial work done (working on conference grants, looking for grants/fellowships to apply for). I know may people in my program though who are already back. It seems to depend on the nature of your work.
  15. He was good about offering options should she need to take time off, etc. But he talked like she was about to drop at any moment, when she purposely took a year off school to get her health under control. As my roommate said, he doesn't really have a filter, but I felt like this was a bit much.
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