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  1. I moved in August and my boyfriend of four years was so supportive and willing to do long distance because he was still in undergrad and would then be pursuing grad school elsewhere. In November, I flew to visit him and he broke up with me. Since then, I have felt so lost and lonely because he was truly my support system and now I don't have that. I have been trying to reach out to my roommates and other grad student friends, but most of them put school and their own relationships above friendships, so I am really struggling. I am trying to get involved with more social things outside of scho
  2. I moved from MD to TX in August. The move itself wasn't bad, although I did leave a boyfriend (now ex...) behind. I found that all of the new students wanted to hang out a lot, so that kept me busy along with navigating school. I actually found the most anxiety-filled time to be the end of the semester when my friends were all headed home to spend the holidays with their families and classes were over, so I didn't have that to keep me busy anymore. I am still coping with the loneliness of moving so far away from the people I love, but I have turned it into a New Year's resolution to branch out
  3. I am a rather introverted person as well, but I will be living with two roommates from my department in the fall. I lived alone through most of undergrad and I found that even though I love having my own space, I will get lonely not having anyone around when I want company. Most of us going to graduate school are introverts, so I feel like living together will be comfortable in that we will leave each other alone most of the time and still have people around if we don't feel like being alone. In my situation, I am only 20 and I am moving 23 hours away from my family, my boyfriend, and all o
  4. I think it is a great idea and all 3 of you are great hosts. The only thing is that you tend to get sidetracked into inside jokes often that result in a bit too much laughter so that I don't really understand what you guys are saying. That kind of frustrates me as a listener and sounds less professional than some of the other podcasts I have heard. As I said, you guys are great hosts and there is a ton of potential if you could maybe edit out some of those inside jokes and laughing bits or just somehow plan the things you are going to say so you don't get too sidetracked. That being said, it d
  5. I listen to podcasts everytime I drive. I am very excited to have a new one to try! I'll let you know what I think after I listen
  6. I am worried about this as well, but I have decided that if I want to not be lonely in grad school the way I was in undergrad, I have to just really push myself out of my comfort zone for the first few weeks until I establish a group of friends. That means striking up conversations with people I don't know, making an effort to meet my neighbors when I move into my apartment, and accepting any invitations that come my way. I figure it might be uncomfortable, but if I don't attempt to make friends in the beginning, it will be very awkward when I later really want friends and I attempt to strike
  7. I am glad you asked this question! I am in the same position: a psych major who just graduated with a BS from a small school and will be studying neuroscience at a large public school. I was planning on reading some articles that interest me for future ideas, but trying not to overwhelm myself because I am very nervous about getting burnt out. This last semester of undergrad nearly burnt me out, so I want to have enough of a summer break that I can handle the more rigorous graduate work. Another question: Should I be contacting my advisor often this summer? I don't want to stress myself o
  8. I am in a bit of a dilemma: I emailed my graduate secretary for the names of other people in the program, then emailed them all asking if anyone is looking for a roommate. One person responded and seemed like a great fit, but later decided to go with someone who was in her lab instead because she thought they would have more in common. Then another responded and we found an apartment, she committed, I filled out the application and was waiting for her to do the same, when she decided this apartment was too expensive and backed out. Since I had already paid the application fee, I frantically em
  9. veggiez

    Houston, TX

    Does anyone know anything about the apartment complexes known as "gaslight square" or "shibui apartments" in Houston? They are in the Montrose area and very affordable, but I can't seem to find reviews anywhere, specifically for gaslight square, and it makes me a little nervous.
  10. I did the exact same thing with setting my heart on one place. At every interview I thought that I could really see myself going there because you learn so much about the school that it really seems awesome. Then when I got rejected, I would turn to my next interview and think that one would become my dream school. The one I ended up choosing is not my dream school in every regard, but I think it is good for me to end up seeing it in a more positive light than the others. Even if I am wrong, it at least makes me feel better about my decision.
  11. Hey guys! I just mailed back my signed acceptance today to the University of Houston! Who else will be there this fall? Anyone know of decent, but cheap (under $1200, 2 bedroom) apartments in the area? Anyone need a roommate?
  12. veggiez

    Houston, TX

    Is anyone aware of any databases to find roommates who are also grad students in Houston?
  13. I asked this question before I was applying and got the same response. They may not know if they are accepting students until the fall semester starts, so just be patient. Unless you really have a pressing question about their research I suppose.
  14. Hey guys! Could whoever got unofficially accepted at the University of Houston for I/O PM me? I don't need your POI, but I got an unofficial acceptance there too for the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Program (waiting for my letter) and wanted to talk if you plan to go there (since we will likely be taking classes together in the fall).
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