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  1. Hi! I think you may get a wide range of opinions on these questions, so take mine with a huge grain of salt! With that caveat: For your first question: why not apply to both programs? If you get into them both, you can decide later which is the better program, and you'll be able to do so with a lot more information. As to the broader point, though, I am not sure I would recommend a joint JD/PhD program at all. In your case, I think the best argument for a joint JD/PhD is funding -- JD students pay their own way, and if you were in a funded PhD program, you could make up some o
  2. While I can't speak to philosophy specifically, in the social sciences no one would even register the difference between "Undergraduate Research Student" and "Research Assistant." Because you are an undergrad, people will be able to tell what RA means (and lots of undergrad RAs are not paid - some volunteer, some get course credit, etc.). As for Work/Extracurricular Experience, I suppose that really depends on what kind of document you are creating. For a resume, I'd list it as Extracurricular (well, I'd actually try to list it as a note in your Education section). For a CV, particularly
  3. I totally understand where you are coming from (I am a law school grad, and am now doing a PhD). There are a lot of moving parts, but here are some questions and thoughts to consider: 1. Are your PhD interests such that you could incorporate your expertise in law into them? Without knowing your field, it's hard to know how easy this with be, but a JD could be a useful asset to you if you can make it one. You can market yourself to PhD programs as an expert in law, and that knowledge and experience will be valuable to some PIs. It would also help if you can tell a coherent story abou
  4. I just wanted to add that the first year of grad school (often) sucks. It just does, even when things go pretty well. You're in a new place, you're adjusting to a new program, you're trying to get projects off the ground (and you're new, so lots of them will fail), you're forming a relationship with your PI, and you're trying to pass classes. It is so, so common to feel like you are spinning your wheels, but you aren't. Trust that it will get better if you keep working at it. Seek out help and support wherever you can -- in addition to counseling, maybe try joining a student group or church? J
  5. I got in 2 years ago, and as I recall they were quite late. So there may still be hope! Good luck!
  6. /waves Just chiming in as a former B-school applicant to say: Good luck, friends!
  7. In addition to what quaker13 said, I think it also depends on what kind of marketing department you want to work in. There are a handful of very psych-oriented marketing programs (plus some marketing-adjacent programs, like OB and Behavioral Science) who are hiring more psychology PhD's than marketing PhD's. In fact, I have talked with marketing students who were a little miffed that some of the top B-schools (Chicago, Wharton, Stanford, etc.) seemed more interested in psych students. But I don't know how universally that is true, and I don't know how much longer it will be true, because mo
  8. If you can really only do one, and you are still seriously considering them both, I think you should go the one that has not already accepted you. See if Univ. B will let you visit after the Univ. A visit, but I would go to the one that will help you keep both doors open.
  9. I'll be interviewing some of our prospective grad students during interview weekend (I'm a current student), and while I really think the point of the interview with me is for you (the prospective student) to get information from me about the program/profs, I thought it would be interesting to ask: What would you like to be asked in an interview? What are your dream questions? On the flip side, what do you hope no one ever asks you?
  10. I have a very nice red leather padfolio that I got many years ago and still use for important interviews! I think it's attractive (and feminine, since you mentioned that as an issue), but very professional looking.
  11. There is a section of GradCafe for interviews, under "Applications"/"Interviews and Visits". But it might be tough to get Business-specific answers there (not that it's much easier here, given how quiet it is! The Management/OB programs I applied to were very psych-oriented (UChicago, Northwestern, Yale), so if you have applied to more "traditional" programs, keep that in mind. The biggest surprise for me in OB interviews was how theory-focused they were. My psychology interests are very applied, and the only time I was ever called out on it was in OB interviews. I think that, because
  12. An update on the mailing list today: Application materials must be submitted to https://jobopportunities.uchicago.edu/ (Type in requisition number: 097769) rather than the e-mail that was listed on the original annoucement.
  13. I believe all invitations have gone out (but I'm not on the committee or anything, so I could be wrong).
  14. Hi guys, This announcement just came over the Cogdev Society mailing list, and it might be a good opportunity for those of you not currently applying (or those of you considering backup plans):
  15. Haha, good question! People in the field (Marketing, OB, and to a lesser extent psychology) found it easy enough to understand, but I did/do have to explain in more detail to others! I often just default to telling those folks that I study psychology in a business school, which is true, because the terminology can be so confusing to people. Also, people tend to make assumptions about what I know and study at a business school -- those with no information tend to assume I know about business, which is natural enough but totally not the case, and those with a little bit of knowledge tend to as
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