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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I've been thinking and the bottom line really is that I would never leave. I've come too far and have worked too hard. Plus I feel loyalty to my PI and the department for giving me such a great opportunity. As a response to the one post, I don't see any shame in it AT ALL, and am currently in therapy. I know this change hit all the big life changes that can affect you all at one time (they usually say just one of these changes is extremely stressful, so have the others as support). I'm not surprised I'm struggling so hard with moving location, stressful job (phd
  2. I feel so incredibly selfish and confused that I am about to write this, but I am wondering if anyone else is going through/has gone through something similar. I just finished my first year of my phd program.....and I feel horrible. It's been a long, confusing road to get here. To explain, I focused full force on this goal of being accepted to a phd program and it was a long 3-ish years of hard work. One round of full rejections, but the second time getting multiple offers. That felt like the hardest decision of my life, and to be honest, I made a small mess of it. However, I ended up going wi
  3. Some of my offers stated midnight on the 15th, but one was noon on the 15th. I think it just depends on the program. Good luck!
  4. So I was extremely lucky to receive multiple offers from really great programs. However, since all of the programs are great for my focus in their own way, I am having a horrible time deciding and am driving myself crazy. Not to mention, I need to decide so I can get to planning. I have solicited advice from anyone who will listen at this point, but thought I'd post here and see what you all have to say. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated! I received 3 offers, but have narrowed it down to my top 2. The stipends, mentors, and programs are pretty much the same (so really, I know I can't g
  5. I am in the same boat as you "johnny". I have two offers and am realistically expecting a third. I have all kinds of variables floating around in my head such as stipend, fit with PI, fit with lab research-wise, fit with lab socially, curriculum setup, availability of specific classes, comfort in city, distance from SO, etc etc. It's overwhelming and I am thinking about making a "bad" decision. Honestly, any of my choices will be great in the long run, but right now I am going insane and have no idea how to decide. I've spoken to grad students and post-docs at my work...I've made weighte
  6. I also applied to the uc Davis developmental psych program and received my official interview invite via email yesterday (Jan 8th). I saw you posted this Thursday....hopefully you heard from them yesterday afternoon as well.
  7. I've been hearing more and more from people on admissions committees that they are putting less weight into GRE scores. I'm seeing this personally right now. I didn't do well on the quant section of the GRE. That test just kills me. However, I have real research experience in my lab that requires a much higher level of quant skills than the GRE....the only difference is I am not given 1-2 minutes to do each task in a marathon stressful setting. In Any case, I've already received 4 interview invites to programs I've applied for. I would guess your experience (do you have publications as
  8. I also received an e-mail for a skype call with one of my POI's at the cog neuro program at UT Austin. Curious who your call is with, if you don't mind of course.
  9. I applied to a few. Heard back from one so far (interview invite), but I think they are one of the quickest.
  10. http://cheezburger.com/7111144704 Obviously no one would ever do this, I just thought maybe those of us who got rejections from programs we really wanted to go to would find it funny.
  11. Personally I'd be afraid of making a bad impression and burning a bridge/opportunity to reapply. Then again, I'm too afraid to email asking for the status of some of my apps for fear of making a bad impression. So maybe I'm just too tentative.
  12. At least it will be a distraction. I'm still sitting here at one rejection (expected) and all 5 other schools....ZERO contact (not expected). I know there's nothing to do except complain, but dang....this is just horrible. I keep going back and forth from feeling like there might still be hope to attempting to accept I am unofficially wait listed and am just floating until mass denials are sent out. Meh! :/
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