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  1. I'm assuming rejection at this point but it's not over until the rejection letter is sent! lol I'm also in the waiting game for AU! Interviewed and am anxiously waiting to hear back! Good luck!
  2. I saw a rejection for a program I applied too but I didn't get one. Probably means I'm wait listed, right? Also waiting to hear back after an interview
  3. anyone else apply for WVU-behavioral neuroscience? Have you heard back?
  4. I would have loved to have applied to neurobiology programs but I am lacking in chemistry and biology coursework. My thesis work was focused on psychopharmacology/behavioral neuroscience and memory, so all the labs I applied to are involved with the same type of work and interests. I have several posters and good research experience so hopefully it all works out! Good luck!
  5. Any other behavioral neuroscience applicants? I'm still waiting but I think that's still normal for the programs I applied too (only 3! yikes :/) ? I'm mainly worried because of my mediocre GRE scores (157 v, 150 q, 4.5 w) Congrats to those who have interviews!
  6. Hello! I am a second year grad student in a master program. I have been a TA with a "20" hour commitment per week, and I found that it did not interfere too much. However, I often worked over 20 hours each week so I think the actual time commitment will vary. It takes good time management, but it never impaired my classes or research. I would still take @flowers advice and ask students in that program what it is like there since this can be drastically different across schools.
  7. My stipend is also taxed but it isn't that bad; as @TakeruK mentioned you still get close to the amount the school offers.
  8. I know what you mean! I have a tremor that gets exacerbated when I get stressed out and makes my whole body tremble--recently found out it is a movement disorder, which makes me feel better about it! I also have been getting cold sores my whole life and want to live in a hole every break out. They suck! Hopefully it will heal fast for you.
  9. Everyone else is waiting for acceptances, and preparing for interviews and I'm just sitting here listening to radio silence :unsure:

    1. emmm




    2. porcorosso


      same here

      you are not alone. 

  10. I agree, While the GRE does carry some weight, it is different for every school as well. There are some universities that have hard cutoffs, and others that are more lenient and look at the GRE scores secondary to the whole application. Like @jlh26 said, it really is a crapshoot. There are people that get rejected from "safety schools" and admitted into their number one, and others that have perfect stats that get rejected everywhere. My own scores were very medicocre (except for AWA which I got 80%) so hopefully one of the schools I applied to will look past them (especially quant)
  11. I applied to the sensory and systems program and had figured invites went out a while ago until I saw some posts in the results from the other programs. Thanks!
  12. Do you know if the other programs have sent all invites out?
  13. Just curious if anyone else here applied for the Cog neuro program at GWU or the the biopsych program at Va Tech?
  14. I just wish I would hear back from one program... It's starting to get depressing -.-
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