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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience or knew of anyone who got a research degree outside of the US. I got a full offer for the university in Australia and they will need an answer in a few weeks. It is frustrating because I have only heard back from 2 of the dozen programs I applied two (both for interviews). I was wondering if anyone had any information on getting a research degree outside of the US and getting a job back in the US. The reason I doubt it is because of my very respectable mentors from different universities told me to stay in the US and build my connections and network here. Thoughts?
  2. Anyone familiar with the ASU clinical psychology program. I got an invite but have heard some mix reviews. I also found their stipend funding (15k for 9 months) really low.
  3. Hey guys, Would you have any advice for behavioral neuroscience programs with a focus on substance/drug use? I have OHSU, UCSD, and a few others but would really like some ideas? If you know PIs please PM. Looking for programs/research that look at how drugs effect brain development/structure. Also behavioral effects of drugs. Thanks
  4. I have some really good review material for the psych gre but all of them are from a few years ago and don't have dsm v. Anyone know a book or resource that would cover the study review (besides the actual manual of course)
  5. DO you guys know any that are substance use focused?
  6. I am looking for Behavioral neuroscience programs that do rotations in first year. I know that OHSU does this and from what i hear it is great. you get to work with 3-4 professors, some times get on papers, and get to network. Do you guys know of any other programs that do that?
  7. Hey their guys. Looking for behavior or behavioral neuroscience programs involved with responses to drugs like marijuana. With a developmental twist is a bonus! I applied to 10 last year and got 8 interview invites and 2 offers. Had to decline for some personal reasons (family deaths and what not) but ill be re-applying next year. Good stats and not too worried. 3.9 GPA, 6 years of research in 4 different labs , co-author on 4 pubs, 4 great recommendations from top people in the field. only thing lacking is my GRE which is v=158 (79%) q= 154 (56%) and AW= 5 (93%). Im not too worried about applying again. pretty sure ill get invites and offers. just wondering if you guys had any idea for programs or PIs that are focused in behavioral neuroscience and substance use (other than tobacco and alcohol)
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Im struggling with a similar situation
  9. Would love some feedback on this. Applied to 8 schools. interviews at all 8. Got one offer. Thinking "well I'm gonna be first author on a publication by the next time i apply as well as have my name on 3 or 4 papers... should i wait and try for better"
  10. Are stipends taxed? Or is the amount given in my offer letter the exact amount given to me? Will it shrink from taxes?
  11. Thanks for the advice. I want to go into research and academia but research first (they go hand in hand). it just worries me that there are no RA fundings or fellowships or grants from the department.
  12. I am looking for current or future students to tell me what ideal funding packages look like. I got accepted into a program that offers full tuition and TA all 4-5 years (year round) but has no departmental grants, or fellowships, or research assistant positions. Since this is the only offer I got, I'm not sure if I should settle. The other programs I applied to offered more funding options and seem to give their students more offers like that. Also it would be nice to see a resource saying "when looking for graduate school pick one that offers these" Any help?
  13. If you have not been invited or gotten anything positive yet you will not get anything. Went to the interview and heard back 4 days later. They already accepted their candidates i think
  14. I guess my question is how do I prepare for this? Should i try and read everyones papers or focus on top 3 or something.
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