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  1. Sounds fascinating, although I don't know much. I would recommend asking in the Education forum as they might have better answers about policy rather than counseling/psychological services or teaching psychology in higher ed.
  2. Thanks!! It was really nice and a weight off my shoulders. I will send good vibes your way so that you'll get good offers!
  3. @artsy16 I got an offer from my top choice, so I'm pretty stoked. Still going to another one next weekend just to gain some clarity, but I think my decision is made. I totally agree. The interviews are exhausting! I'm an introvert so the whole day feels like I'm out of my element, but I think I do alright at interviews. Good luck on your next two!!!
  4. Yay the counseling psych thread is resurrected! How is everyone fairing? @A_psych I pm'd you.
  5. @artsy16 I think it's more typical to hear next week anyway. I was super surprised to hear from one school this early because I think all the rest of my schools notify in January. Good luck!
  6. I got my first interview invite! I was really surprised this early in the game. Good luck to everyone! Keep the Counseling Psych page going strong.
  7. I suppose it depends on what you're wanting to do with your degree. If your goal is to a licensed masters level counselor in a higher education setting/counseling center, I would suggest going for a school that is CACREP accredited. Like the poster mentioned before, if you were going for a counseling psychology PhD program with connections/research in college student mental health/well-being/anything else related to college students, you'd want to have it APA accredited. If you're just wanting to work somewhere in student affairs (career center, advising, residence life), then I wouldn't think
  8. Why Counseling Psych? -Counseling psych feels like my theoretical home. I went to an undergrad institution with a clinical science doctoral program, and I worked with many of the doctoral students in a mental illness research lab. They were very well-intentioned on giving me advice about graduate school, but often looked down on counseling psych. I decided to take some time off and did A LOT of reading on my own in addition to soul-searching and talking to a career counselor. I genuinely like counseling psychology because I like looking at individuals from a humanistic, strength-based, a
  9. Woot! First counseling psychology person in the thread. This is an interesting thread, thanks OP!
  10. Hi Meen521! Let me just say I was in a very similar position when I graduated. Throughout my undergraduate, I prepared for a PhD program (and felt very pressured to achieve it right away). Long story short, I sat down to write my personal statements my senior year and I still had many questions about myself and what it was that I was even passionate about. I didn’t want to go to a PhD program that wasn’t a good fit for my career goals, so I decided to take a gap year. I should probably mention that this decision originally made me feel like a failure (which is a totally unhealthy way of lo
  11. I echo everything that psych21 is saying. Nice to see some counseling psychology folks on the board.
  12. Hi there! A little background about me--I was just admitted to a masters in counseling psychology that has good opportunities for research (ability to do a thesis, accessible professors, graduate assistantships), AND it is a funded program (You can private message me for the name). They do exist! As far as Counseling vs. Counseling Psychology--you really just want a program that will give you opportunities to do research (and that will vary greatly by program). When I was originally researching programs to apply to I made a list and then inquired about research opportunities from current s
  13. It's not exactly a "psychology and religion" program per se, but I stumbled across Ball State's Counseling Psychology program (PhD and masters) and they have a few professors looking at eastern religion and mental health. It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I encourage you to check out their program. It seems legit.
  14. Yes. This. Also, I forgot to mention that I got into my top choice program, which is a great fit. I wouldn't had known that though if I didn't test the waters and determine what I actually wanted to do!
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