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  1. Hello! I've been blessed with several acceptances and I want to start turning a couple of schools down that I will not be accepting. What is the best way to go about doing this in my email to the POI, especially if I haven't picked a school yet (so I can't say in the email that I've decided to attend xy university because of $$ or something)? Also, a few of the schools haven't sent me the official letter yet, so I feel weird about turning them down before getting the letter in the mail (because I think it has to be done officially by mail as well) but I also feel bad about holding a spot
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone happened to know the role of a school psychologist in different states--- I know already that people will say that it depends on district but after interviewing at a bunch of schools, I have discovered that the role is very limited in North Carolina and Michigan (based on what students have told me, the focus is mainly assessment throughout the state). I was wondering if anyone happened to know more about any other states, especially including Florida, Nebraska, or South Carolina. Thanks!!
  3. Hi everyone! Hope your interviews are going well. I was hoping some current students might be able to help me understand something. I am interested in completing an APA predoctoral internship in a non-school setting but still receiving my NCSP credential. I know you need at least 600 hours in a school setting to be eligible to be certified. Some of my schools have said that I can count my hours I receive during practicum (so years 1-4) towards those 600 hours so that when I go for internship, I can complete one entirely in a non-school setting (such as a juvenile detention center or hospi
  4. I saw someone got an interview at UVA Curry. Whoever posted that, was it a mass email or specific to a POI?
  5. Has anyone heard from Tulane? I saw that someone posted on the gradcafe results but it wasn't specified if it was for the school or social program. Thanks!
  6. I applied to UT Austin and was notified two weeks ago that I was invited for an interview in February :/ I am not sure if they sent out all their invitations but it seemed like they potentially did. :////
  7. Thanks so much guys! For those who recommend staying, do you recommend it even if it involves spending an extra night with a grad student? I don't really have the money to go to a hotel and I don't want to inconvenience them- so it would be two nights.
  8. Hello! I am flying to all of my interviews and most of mine end at night and so I'll be staying two nights and leaving the next day. However one school's interview only goes until 1 pm, and so I could leave right after or I have been told I could be hosted an extra night if I want. What do people recommend? Would it be weird to go off on my own and explore the city after the interview and then stay with a grad student the second night? Is there any benefit to staying longer if nothing is planned? Thanks!
  9. I'm in a bit of a predicament. I've been blessed with several interview invites for Psych PhD Programs, and unfortunately I've run into a dilemma. School A invited me to their interview weekend a week ago, I RSVPed and spoke with the professor by phone confirming that I would be attending. School B notified me a few days after that they wanted to interview me on the same day as School A. Because I already RSVPed to School A, I emailed School B back and apologized but told them I had already made a commitment to another school but that I would love to come another time to visit and interview in
  10. Hi guys! I need some help navigating what I should do if I were to get an interview on a day where I already have an interview scheduled (I haven't yet, but I'm anticipating it because I applied to a lot of schools). What is the best way to ask for a skype interview/other day/ explain that I already have an interview scheduled? Also what if I care more about the school that schedules an interview after I have already committed to one?
  11. I just got my Psych GRE score- got a 710 which is the 79th percentile. Is this score worth reporting if the school doesn't ask for it or it's optional? I've read that anything above a 700 is good but the percentile seems rather low to me so I'm not sure. (Also, I was not a psych major). Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know if it's typical for professors between schools to talk with each other about potential grad school applicants? I'm applying to two different schools for two different POI's who both worked on the same paper (and they were the only two authors on it), and I'm anticipating my personal statement (at least some of it) to be relatively similar for the two since they have essentially the same research interests. Do you think it's likely for them to a) talk about the students applying and b ) go as far as to share the personal statements to see if I wrote the same thing? Not su
  13. I have another question--- this one, hopefully someone will know the answer. I have several programs I'm looking at that have an EdS degree and a doctoral degree. The EdS degree is NASP approved, but the doctoral degree is only APA accredited, not NASP approved. If the EdS program is, then does that basically imply the doctoral degree is as well? How important is it that the school be NASP approved? I feel like there are some great schools out there that aren't NASP accredited (Tulane?) and I just don't know why that is.
  14. Hello! Does anyone understand funding? I emailed a professor inquiring about his research and he responded: "I will be looking to bring at least 1 doctoral students onto my research team to begin Fall 2017 and anticipating that person to be funded as a 50% RA (20 hours per week, considered full-time) on one of my projects." Does this mean that I would only receive half tuition (I would be responsible for paying the other half)? I'm confused about the lingo of 50%, 25% and what that means in terms of tuition stipends & paying for school. Also these are doctoral programs. Thanks
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