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  1. Before I start I am just curious in knowing the opinions of some of you out there. I am taking my GREs on Wednesday Nov 1. I have been scoring between 150s for verbal and Quant. I have been in the library studying my a** off and no I just dont get it. Verbal requires vocab, and math requires a training of logic! Ive used the best study materials out there- Magoosh, Manhattan 5llb, ETS official, Barrons flashcards.. Here are my stats: UG GPA- 3.5 UG Psych-3.4 Psych Masters Program- 3.6 Research- 3 years+ 2 research labs in my field - Developmental psychology focusing ad
  2. I know for a fact it is impossible to say whether or not a person will get in but its a motivation to know you have a chance. I am applying to Phd Programs this fall for the Fall 2017 school year. I will be applying to both Clinical and Developmental Psychology Programs. Hold on, before I get bombarded with questions as to why. I am interested in Forensic Psychology but not many schools offer this as a Concentration and if they do they are not funded (palo alto, etc.). I don't require Full funding but atleast 75% Funding. Therefore, I will be applying by professors and research interest. Some
  3. Hello, Im applying to mainly Developmental and clinical psych programs (first cycle). And the reason for that is because of research interest. I've seen alot of students here applying to like 50 schools but try to find a professor of interest that has published in exactly what you hope to study for in the program. Your statement of purpose should reflect that and go in depth on your research questions. I enjoy forensic psychology and sort of that field if I don't get into phd program, I will be taking the LSATs in Feb and applying for Law school. I was going to do phd/JD combined programs anyw
  4. Everyone is different and what may work for others may not work for you. Im studying for the GRE as well and its very difficult watching the magoosh videos but I'm in college and i just can't afford the 1000 bucks for a kaplan in-person course. But I'm almost positive they offer a free trial class, I'd say attend that and see how well you learn. I rather spend on a tutor than a class just because if I'm paying that much, I would want individual attention, if this makes any sense. Currently, what I do is I downloaded Magoosh's schedule and printed it. I follow the schedule to the T, and k
  5. Hey, I am interested in pretty much the same type of programs as you. To be honest, I have found it difficult to find programs that truly specialize in forensic psychology (only a handful) that are FULLY FUNDED, in fact I suggest looking for schools with professors who have a certain research interest you might share. For example the school may not have a specialty in forensic psychology per say, but their are professors in that school that study juvenile delinquency or work with at-risk populations. One thing that might help is also to expand research interest within the field but also be mor
  6. There are TWO programs the combined PhD/JD route and the Clinical PhD route with an added concentration in Forensics. I am hoping to apply only to the Clinical PhD program and that only "requires" the GRE. The subject GRE is recommended but NOT a requirement. I just spoke to Drexel University and looked it up on their website. http://drexel.edu/grad/programs/coas/psychology-phd/ - This implies that if you want a law degree + PhD yes you must take both the GRE and LSAT. But as mentioned its certainly not required if your going for clinical phd with a concentration in Forensics.
  7. I created this forum, and well so far my application stats are rising wanted to know the chances from where I currently stand for clinical phd programs. As of now I have 5 Poster/oral presentations (One is regional) where I am First author of 3/5 of them second on the other two. I may have several more poster presentation by the time applications come around but so far this is what I have (Just waiting on dates to for conferences). I also have a MA thesis where I am hoping will be published as well as another study. So i'll be submitting 2 papers for pub by the NEXT app cycle. My Masters
  8. Keep Hi, I too am applying to programs with emphasis particularly in At risk adolescents that touch on juvenile delinquency, etc. Its extremely hard because not many schools have Forensic Tracks. My suggestion is rather than focusing on tracks and programs with specializations in Forensics is to focus on what research professors have done that is very similar to what you want to do. Why? Well because many programs listed above are NOT fully funded. And personally I looked into Palo Alto in Cal, But I'm from NYC and well cost is really a big factor for phD programs. If you do no
  9. Hey, Congrats On the acceptance. I recently went to a open house for the Fall 2017 and am planning on applying. Do you mind telling me some of your credentials (gpa, gre, etc.) Or u can message me- it is close to home and one of my first choices.! Please and thank you!
  10. Hey, Masters program usually take way more students than PhD programs do. Currently, I'm in MA program and I had a lower GRE 3.3, 1 year of research exp, no pubs/presentations. I had OKAY recommendations and I'm almost done with my MA in psych. You have a great chance! - Don't doubt yourself. Check the overall profile of MA students in the programs your interested in- see what they did during UG. I think the reason I got in mainly was because I had a very good Statement of Purpose proposing, I did a lit review and showed interest in one particular psych faculty. Do you plan on eventually app
  11. My Program if you don't get accepted to the PhD program, they automatically send applications to MA for consideration. Masters programs usually take more students than PhD programs. So it might just call admissions or email them.
  12. Hey, I think this a great idea mainly for Verbal section and introducing new words etc. I will be taking the GRE during the summer most likely around July since I don't want to spend most of it studying like crazy. Depending on whether I like my grades I will retake them in late October. I'm applying to Clinical Psych PhD programs. Why are you taking them? I'm not sure when you were looking to get started but I'm pretty interested.
  13. Thanks, Yeah I actually decided to start studying now (no real reason to wait) and I'll have 3 months of preparation rather than 2. I'm working on mastering the Magoosh verbal words within the next 3 weeks and am gonna focus hard on mastering as many verbal word sets as possible seeing as I had a real problem on verbal last time I took it. For Math I'm gonna watch about 5-8 videos a day and practice practice practice. I think Verbal is honestly easier to study for me since it mainly boils down to memorizing words and learning to use them in sentences how the GRE uses it. I have actually
  14. Wow- Those scores are truly amazing. May I ask how long did you study for? hrs, months, etc? I too am planning on taking it at the end of june. I will begin to study for it late April because I'm waiting for my semester to finish as I have a lot going on. Is roughly two months too little time to study. I'm using Magoosh, Kahn Videos for math, Quizlet for GRE word sets, and the Manhattan Prep 5llB book. I'm planning on studying everyday for 3 hours even weekends! I am trying to get into a PhD in Clinical Psychology program and I have an OK Undergraduate GPA- 3.5 but my MA is 3.8. Everything el
  15. Hey, A 140 on both sections is very low, chances of making it into a good graduate school with those scores a truly limited. It might help to look up the scoring on ETS website. My first time around I scored a terrible 145V 148Q 5A. I made it into a Master of psych program because of great other factors (letters, research, experience, personal statement,etc)- But since I'm pursuing my PhD, I definitely need to take it again ! I am studying for it now and have found several resources that might help you. I'm a bad test taker due to anxiety and I didn't study the first time around. I am c
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