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  1. Congrats on the admission! You seem to have some major decisions to make regarding your belongings. :-) If you are a packrat like myself, you may want to have a heart-to-heart conversation about what you really need and what can live without. A vehicle is great to have, but parking on campus is a nightmare. The city bus system is pretty efficient and reliable. I'm bringing a car because I am so far away from home. The apartments in Bloomington are nice. I found one decently priced and about a 15 minute walk from campus. It all depends on what your looking for. Also, if you want a roommate,
  2. You can look into West Virginia University. Their Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program is fully funded and have a forensic track. http://counseling.wvu.edu/counseling_psychology
  3. Also, for any student looking for funding opportunities... http://www.indiana.edu/~gradgrnt/category/saa-vacancies/
  4. 103 days until I move to Bloomington! Super Excited! In the meantime, I am looking for cheap storage units in the area. Do you happen to know of any @LeventeL, or anyone else who cares to chime in?
  5. @aslabchu Thanks for the useful information! I will be traveling to Bloomington this weekend for a conference, and will be looking for an apartment. Do you mind sharing the names of some you visited that were not as awesome as they seemed ?
  6. I so look forward to moving to Bloomington. Once the apartment battle is over, this will feel more real. Has anyone heard anything about the on campus apartments? I thought maybe living on campus for a year would ease the transition. Any thoughts?
  7. Met my future advisor at a conference by stroke of fate 7 months before submitting my application! Continued to run into him at several conferences afterwards. Though he wasn't present at my on campus interview ( very busy man), our previous interactions had given him insight into my career aspirations and program match. Plus he already had my personal contact information ( business card and emails), so it made the process a lot easier. Great Idea!! You Got This!!
  8. @aslabchu Congratulation on accepting the offer!! Yea, the "Welcome Day" for my program is in August. Pretty excited. Just needed funding to be sorted out. It is almost impossible for out of state students to declare residency for tuition purposes. Apartment hunting has been eh. Thinking I may have to secure a roommate do to stipend levels .
  9. Congratulations on your acceptances! I was in a similar boat with the four acceptance I received. All were top tier, R1 universities, and very prestigious programs. It came down to funding, research focus, and opportunities for academic/ professional growth ( Dual degrees, community impact, conference presentation rate, opportunity for international travel, and the mentor to mentee ratio). Also, seeing that this is a 5+ year commitment, I researched the environments thoroughly. This included the campus and city. Bloomington is a wonderful place. The city is amazing, and the university off
  10. Yes! Such great information!! I looked at a few apartments in both areas. Will surely be sending in a app soon for a couple of places. Are you currently attending IU?
  11. So looking for apartments kind of suck..lol I am hopeful, but things are getting costly! Well worth it though!
  12. @artsy16 Congrats!!! I am so freaking happy for you!!!! :-)
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