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  1. I agree with the post above. In my field (Psychology), I would add my advisor as second author if in addition to editing the IRB proposal and paper, they provided valuable feedback on design or on how to analyze and interpret the data. There are guidelines to authorship in psychology. You could see if your field has similar guidelines or ask other students that work with your advisor what their standard has been in the past.
  2. Thanks so much for your helpful replies. I especially appreciate the part about making sure your advisor "approves." I hadn't thought to have this conversation with my advisor since it's an activity outside of research. But you're right, it would ultimately impact my time to contribute to other research activities.
  3. I am a first grad student and wondering how, if at all, other students manage "extracurricular activities and leadership positions" (I can't think of a better descriptor, but I'm referring to things like getting involved in graduate student union or similar activities that are beyond a service to your program/profession)? I am someone who is several years out of undergrad now and a common thread through my undergraduate years was being involved student government groups; in my years post-grad this has taken the form of community boards. I am struggling because I want to get involved in somethi
  4. I use the Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) database. If your institution has a subscription, it's an easy way to find links to the original instrument and validation paper. https://www.ebscohost.com/academic/health-and-psychosocial-instruments-hapi
  5. I feel this way exactly. I am almost starting to wish some people didn't know I was going to grad school--namely acquaintances at work who bring it up every chance they get. The line between anxiety and excitement feels very thin.
  6. Now that interview season is definitely over, did anyone get a sense of why our interviews were so intensive (I'm think of full day clinical interviews vs. friends in other disciplines who had casual skype interviews or who simply received acceptance emails without interviews)? Also, everyone keeps repeating that there were a lot of clinical applicants this year. Any guesses as to why?
  7. Another suggestion for research opportunities that I think many people forget about is your local public school system. The one in my area, at least, has a fairly large research, evaluation, and assessment department that is almost always looking for temporary workers.
  8. Hi! I don't know about those programs specifically, but I am also torn between two programs at the moment. If you have not already, I would encourage you to reach out to current students and alumni of those programs. I've found that alumni, specifically, have given me really candid advice on the programs since they don't really have anything to lose at this point by being honest. If email addresses aren't available online, you could reach out to program directors or professors and ask them to put you in contact with recent graduates.
  9. Hahah I am not if we are allowed to ask for more. I did meet a grad student during an interview who said he "negotiated" his offer, but who knows exactly what that means. I appreciate everyone's input! The reminder about the stipend being only for the academic year is also a very good point! While the higher stipend is tempting the two programs I am considering are fairly equal so I think I have a tough decision ahead of me.
  10. Can we talk about average stipends we've been offered? I received an offer from a school in a big city for $17,000 and was content with it until I received an offer from a school in a rural area for $26,000. What are your guys stipends looking like? Have any of you had experience with asking for more money?
  11. Bummer to hear your applications are not shaking out as you were hoping. I don't know what type of research you are interested in, and it looks like your second back-up option listed is to pursue a PhD in developmental so you may have already thought of this... One option that a former professor sold me on was pursuing a PhD in developmental psychology so you would be able to teach and conduct research. And then, if you still find that the clinical piece is very important to you, you could go back to school for a clinically-oriented masters program. Depending on your state, this may allow you
  12. Thanks for your reply. I did receive info with details on the agenda and lodging, but reimbursement was left out. Should I assume they won't cover my expenses and not bother asking?
  13. How long is it acceptable to wait before accepting an interview? I'm in the similar boat as the posters above where I've heard back from everywhere except my top choices, and I know there will be a conflict if I accept an interview for a program I am less excited about. Also, is it gauche to ask if programs will offer financial assistance for interview costs? One of my interviews is on the other side of the country.
  14. Any advice on the application process for future applicants? I've had my eye on this fellowship for a while and am considering applying next year.
  15. Try Banana Republic! Their petite section has some really small sizes that fit well on small and thin bodies. They also give you a discount if you're a student (only in stores I think) and they have a massive sale right now. I didn't have to tailor anything.
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