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  1. It does matter to some reviewers, unfortunately. When I applied last year as an undergrad all 3 of my reviewers mentioned lack of publications being a negative for my application. And that was as an undergrad!! So it probably depends on who you get as a reviewer.
  2. Last year I got the email notification at 2:55AM, so it coincided pretty directly with the end of maintenance.
  3. I know it's hard, but you need to talk to your PI about this NOW or it will become a persistent issue. Your advisor will have suggestions for where to get started for learning statistics. The earlier you address this problem, the better.
  4. I believe working insane hours is not only bad for your mental and physical health, but also isn't even that productive. I've had days where I got much more done in 8 hours of productive work than days where I work for 12 hours. Being constantly tired and burned out is not a good idea for a PhD - it's a marathon, not a sprint. I haven't started my program yet, but this last year of undergrad I worked between 40-50 hours per week completing two honors theses and multiple grad classes every quarterquarter in addition to my undergrad coursework. It's all about efficiency.
  5. Thanks for the detailed response, that was super helpful!!
  6. Out of curiosity, how did you get these side data analysis jobs? That's something I'd be interested in but I have no idea where to start.
  7. I also have a question about LORs. I'll have two good ones -- one from my undergrad thesis advisor, and one from my new PhD advisor. But I'm stuck on who I should ask for the third. My other two grad school application letter writers aren't super relevant to the research I'm doing now (plus I'm not on good terms with one of them, long story). Should I pick a different undergrad professor? A new grad school professor who doesn't know me that well? I'm torn...
  8. Nope, not tied up at all! As far as I'm aware, the only time you have to notify a change of research plans is if your primary field completely changes, which is unlikely. Actual fellows should respond though
  9. Get more research experience this year!!!!! That is the number one.thing you can do to improve your application. You might want to improve your Q more since you're applying to math programs, but do not prioritize that if it means doing less research.
  10. What kind of program is this for? Seems like psych, but is this a Masters? PhD? What subfield?
  11. Yay I'm so excited!! Earlier today I did all the boring stuff -- filling out the easy bits of the application, uploading transcripts, etc. Now time to attempt to remain calm and craft the most kickass statements possible!
  12. Seconding Jay's Brain, most vision labs use Psychophysics Toolbox for MATLAB. Another thing that I see some people use for stim presentation is psychopy for Python. Python is pretty easy to pick up if you already know another language. R is amazing for statistical analysis, and it's the only thing I use for analyzing data. However, you should ask your advisor what they use, because if they only use, for example, SPSS, you should probably learn that instead of something else.
  13. Hey all, I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that some honorable mention recipients might get the award if others are declined. Does anyone know when these are announced and how it works? I know my chances are pretty much 0 but I can dream
  14. Yeah, I think this is a public/private problem as well. I got four offers this year, two from public schools (one being Berkeley) and two from private schools. My offers from public schools were 9-month stipends of $22K and $25K in expensive areas with no summer funding and no health insurance. My offers from the private schools were 12-months stipends of $27K (in a cheap area) and $37K, with health insurance paid for and also access to a good amount of travel funds. The difference is mind-blowing!
  15. I'm sure there are plenty of people gearing up for Fall 2016!! This is the 2015 thread though. It looks like a 2016 thread hasn't been started -- go ahead and start one if you like, although there might not be too much activity before August probably.
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