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  1. Fall 2018 School Psychology PhD

    I'm am finishing up my MA in Counseling Psychology (not the same as MFT, but close...) and I am also considering PhD programs for School Psychology. I'll be doing my practicum in a high school starting in the fall, so I'm hoping that will give me a better feel for what it might be like to work in a school vs. an outside practice.
  2. I have a quick-follow up question to my original one: Of course it would be ideal to find a research position in the school psychology field, but in the likely case that I'm not able to find that would something outside of that field still count in my favor? Or do schools look specifically for research in that field?
  3. I agree that finding research is definitely the top priority! I'll be quitting my full-time job soon in order to start my practicum, so hopefully that will open up more time and opportunities to find research.
  4. It does- thank you!
  5. @pbjcafe That's a good idea and certainly something I hadn't though of! I'll actually be doing my counseling practicum in the public school system starting this fall, so the possibility of research within the school system would be a good thing to look into. @psychlife4me I saw on a really old forum that somebody said something similar about being accepted without research experience, but I wasn't sure how rare that was! Was the program your friend got into a PhD program or an EdS program?
  6. Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, that's kind of the response I was expecting. There's only one big university in my area, so I'll keep trolling their website looking for opportunities and asking around!
  7. Does anyone have any insight on how heavily past research experience is weighted for school psychology PhD programs? I'm looking at apply to programs during the fall application cycle, but so far I haven't had the opportunity to do any research. I am currently working on finishing up my MA in Counseling Psych and will be doing my year-long counseling practicum in a school starting this fall. I've been working full-time while finishing school, which is why it has been difficult to find research experience so far. :/ Also, my grad GPA is 3.97 and I'll be retaking the GRE this summer (old scores- 152Q, 155V, 4.5AWA). Essentially my question is this: will the fact that I have no research experience (aside from a couple research classes in undergrad, and stats in both undergrad and grad school) keep me completely out of the running for PhD programs? I'm hoping that my other stats will boost me up, but I also want to be realistic. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  8. Hey everyone! I'm in the process of looking into school psychology programs to apply to this fall and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything or has any insight about the School Psych: Gifted and Creative Program (PhD) at the University of Georgia. It's pretty unique compared to other school psych programs I've come across, so any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!